NDG 12-year-old finds sweet summer job with jam-making business

Stella Piché wanted something fun to do over the summer — and perhaps a little pocket change in the bargain.

Her sister had started a croissant business out of the family’s kitchen in Notre-Dame-de-Grace. Stella drew inspiration from that idea but decided to make her own confection — jam.

Stella & Confitures promotes its wares on Facebook.

Jam making is a labour-intensive process.

“I need to peel the strawberries, cut them if they’re too big,” the 12-year-old said. “Then I need to separate them and I need to boil them.”

In two weeks’ time, she produced 70 jars of strawberry jam that she sells on Facebook for $6 each. She also makes deliveries by bicycle in the NDG area.

Sébastien Piché told Global News his daughter Stella may decide to make blueberry jam due to the rising cost of strawberries.

Stella also has learned a bit about the economy through the business. Because Quebec is currently between its summer and fall strawberry seasons, the cost has shot up, meaning she’ll have to pick another fruit.

“Blueberries are coming up so she may be able to diversify her business pretty soon,” said her father Sébastien Piché, laughing.

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