‘Neighbour from hell' threw hot tea over grandma during vile two-year hate campaign against young family – and all because they wouldn't let her grandson use their trampoline

Footage shows Loretta Diplacido, 54, hurling the drink at Azadeh Kent, 63, before mocking and forcing her towards her house in Leeds.

The victim's son-in-law Mark Duckworth, 42, claims neighbour Diplacido turned on his family after they "politely refused" to let her grandson use the trampoline in their garden.

Teacher Mark and his wife Sarah, 39, say it led it two years of abuse that left their five-year-old son Rupert and daughter Evelyn, seven, terrified to leave their home.

They reported her to cops 70 times and later installed CCTV which showed her grabbing Mrs Kent.

The family claim she spat at them, blocked in their car and threatened to attack them.

Diplacido was arrested after the tea row and sentenced last month for common assault at Leeds Magistrates' Court.

But now she's back living next door to the family who are calling for her to be evicted from her council house.

Mrs Duckworth, 42, told the Mail Online: "She made our life hell.

"We dreaded walking out of the front door.

Mr Duckworth and his wife moved into their two-bed house 13 years ago shortly before Diplacido moved next door.

The teacher claims a row over a trampoline in June 2016 sparked a two-year hate campaign.

A Leeds City Council spokesperson declined to comment on calls for Diplacido to be moved.


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