New Deshaun Watson accuser claims Texans QB exposed his penis and 'thrust his pelvis in the air' during massage session

DESHAUN Watson allegedly thrust his pelvis into the air and told a massage therapist she could move his penis if she needed to, according to the latest accusation against the Texans quarterback.

The 25-year-old football player, who already is facing 19 lawsuits for sexual misconduct, has been accused by another massage therapist of exposing himself and then raising his genitals multiples times during their two-and-a-half-hour meeting.

The massage therapist, known as Mary, said Watson told her she "could move it if [she] needed to" after Watson exposed his penis during their Fall 2019 meeting.

She told Sports Illustrated that he also "thrust his pelvis in the air" multiple times.

Mary also made clear Watson never touched her nor forced her into any sexual acts, but she described his behavior as "both inappropriate and unlike any other interaction" she's had as a licensed therapist who has had over 1,000 clients, many of whom professional athletes.

"More than anything, the fact that he’s denying all the allegations makes it more of a reason for us to use our voice and say what we have to say," Mary said of Watson's actions after 19 women have come forward about their experiences with the quarterback.

Mary, who owns her own company in Houston, said she decided to come forward "with the hope of preventing this from happening to any other professionals." She is currently not suing Watson.

"The one thing I keep thinking about is, he’s about to get traded to another place," she said. "What if he goes to Atlanta or California or anywhere else? He would have a whole new community of massage therapists to target."

Mary said instead, she wants Watson's actions to stop altogether, and have him offer an apology to everyone he's hurt.

"I just want a genuine apology, for us and our community, for putting us in these situations where we don’t know what to do," Mary said.

"There are so many people that are against us, saying, 'Why would he do that? He has no reason to do that. He has a beautiful girlfriend; he has this, this, this and this.'

"All of those things are true, but fame doesn’t create character."

Rusty Hardin, a lawyer for Watson, has said he believes "any allegation that Deshaun forced a woman to commit a sexual act is completely false."

Watson's legal team also suggested the allegations are uses for financial gains by the plaintiffs' lawyer Tony Buzbee. Mary acknowledged speaking with Buzbee, but said she isn't a client.

Mary showed Sports Illustrated Instagram DMs between her and Watson, some as recent as last year where Watson asked for a massage and Mary declined.

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