Officials confirm boy was bitten by shark off Fire Island

The bites a 13-year-old boy suffered off the waters of Fire Island resulted from a shark attack, officials confirmed Friday.

A tooth fragment removed from the boy’s leg is consistent with a shark’s tooth, according to the state Department of Environmental Conservation. But the agency was unable determine the exact species due to the tooth’s condition.

He and a 12-year-old girl were bitten Wednesday just minutes apart on two separate beaches on Fire Island.

The boy was chomped on after falling off a boogie board at Atlantique Beach, while the girl’s leg was shredded about 4 ½ miles away at Sailors Haven.

Officials haven’t been able to confirm whether the fish that bit the young girl was also a shark – though the brave pre-teen told The Post she saw a “fin” in the water moments before she felt something grab her leg.

On Thursday, anglers caught and released two live sharks – roughly 4- and 8-feet-long – about 100 yards off Atlantique Beach.

The piece of shark tooth will be returned to the boy at his request, ABC News reported.

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