Owner decks out her fashionable cats in colourful punk outfits

HERE’s a moggy that’s bound to get spoiled Rotten . . . 

Owner Sharon Wendt regularly dresses her cats Clementine and Olive in punk gear.

The housewife, 54, from Pittsburgh, US, said: “I am just a woman with an iPhone and beautiful cats.

“I take all of the photos on top of their litter boxes after choosing outfits and pairing them with different fabrics to fit the theme.

“I started photographing Clementine and posting the pictures in Sphynx Facebook groups, and it was not long before I had lots of likes and comments.

“A few years after we found Olive and it was not long before she stepped right up to be photographed as well.

“They both get lots of treats when we are done, so I’m sure that plays a part in their willingness!”

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