Pablo Escobar’s apartment demolished as it was becoming ‘sick attraction’

Officials have demolished Pablo Escobar’s former fortress apartment because it was becoming a sick tourist spot.

His old abode, which is  an eight-storey “brutalist” block in one of the swankiest areas of Medellin in Colombia was knocked down on Friday as part of a plan to de-glamorise the legacy of the “Cocaine King”.

His former stronghold, known as the Monaco building, was razed to the ground using controlled explosives in front of a crowd of 1,600 people  – including relatives of some of his victims.

Now the area will be turned into a commemorative area to honour all the thousands of people who died in the drug trade in the 80s and 90s.

Drug lord Escobar, who died aged 44, smuggled 80 per cent of the cocaine that entered the USA and at the height of his career was turning over $21.9 billion every year.

Despite him being well loved in his home town because of his charitable works, Colombia became the murder capital of the world as various drug cartels vied for supremacy.

In 1992 there was 27,000 deaths.

Colombia President Ivan Duque flew to Medellin to visit the site, saying the demolition "signifies the defeat of the culture of illegality".

"It signifies that history won’t be written from the perpetrator’s perspective," he said before departing to the border town of Cucuta, where a benefit concert was being held to raise money for humanitarian aid for Venezuelans.

Escobar, one of the world’s richest men, was killed win a rooftop shoot out with police in 1993.

However, according to officials, Colombia’s drug violence killed 46,612 people from 1983 to 1994, with Escobar at the center of much of it.

Since 2018, visitors to the building had been confronted by posters that inform them of the grim tally of deaths that included civilians, police, journalists, and judges.

"Respect our pain, honor our victims," reads one such poster.

Escobar has one son and one daughter.

The daughter lives in America under a new identity and his son, who goes by the name of Sebastián Marroquín, is an architect who lives in Argentina.

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