Parents' touching reunion with stricken one-punch soccer star victim

Heartbreak as soccer star’s condition declines after ‘one-punch attack’ as his parents as his UK parents are finally reunited with their son

  • Stricken soccer player Danny Hodgson back on ventilation after opening eyes
  • He was bashed by a 15 year old thug who was charged with assault in Perth
  • Hodgon’s parents Peter and Nicola, flew to be at his side in hospital

The parents of the English soccer player almost killed in a cowardly one-punch attack have finally been able to see their stricken son, whose condition has sadly deteriorated.

After receiving an exemption, Nicola and Peter Hodgson flew to Perth to be with their boy, Danny Hodgson, who was allegedly bashed near Perth Train Station on his way home from a game on September 4.

After spending his 26th birthday in a coma, Hodsgon, opened his eyes this week but had to be sedated and placed back on a ventilator after having a tracheotomy to protect his airway.

The promising soccer star (pictured) briefly woke up but was again sedated and placed back on a ventilator after a tracheotomy

Nicola and Peter Hodgson made a desperate dash to Perth from the UK and said it was a beautiful moment to hold their stricken boy’s hand

Danny Hodgson (pictured with his partner Jessica) was knocked to the ground in an unprovoked attack

Hodgson was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital with severe head injuries, and underwent emergency surgery for bleeding to the brain and a skull fracture. 

The personal trainer, originally from Cumbria in England’s north-west, suffered severe brain haemorrhaging.

Peter Hodgson said saga has been ‘really difficult’ but he believes his son will ‘pull through’ after spending time with him, perthnow reported.

‘Just to be able to touch him and hold him, hold his hand — it was beautiful,’ Peter Hodgson said. 

Nicola and Peter Hodgson landed in Perth at 3pm on Friday afternoon and headed straight to hotel quarantine but are hoping to receive clearance to see their son

Danny’s family (pictured) back in the UK are desperate to be by his hospital bedside in Perth

‘We know it’s going to be a very long road ahead.’

Aside from the brief moment where they touched his hand, the Hodgsons had to see their by from 1.5 metre distance and wear full PPE clothing when they visited.

Mr Hodgson snr said he realised Danny going back on a ventilator was ‘prevent his condition worsening’.

Football communities in England and Australia have rallied to raise $160,000 towards the victim’s recovery.  

Danny Hodgson’s Perth team, ECU Joondalup played a benefit game raising $10,000.

The family received videos, well wishes, prayers, candles, holy water, flowers and hundreds of messages of support.

Meanwhile the world record professional goalscorer, Cristiano Ronaldo recorded a supportive video message for Hodgson – which included an innocent but but awkward blunder.

Danny Hodgson (pictured left with partner Jessica right), 25, was attacked while on his way home from an end of season game in Perth on Saturday night 

The Manchester United superstar sent his best wishes and invited him to a match in England, before making a fist to sign off – an unfortunate gesture given Hodgson was king-hit.

A 15-year-old boy was charged with grievous bodily harm on Wednesday over Mr Hodgson’s alleged assault.

He faced more than 20 charges.

Superstar Cristiano Ronald sent a supportive video message wishing Danny Hodgson well. It was a well-meaning message but ended awkwardly with a fist pump – arguably inappropriate given Hodgson was the victim of a one punch attack

ECU coach Kenny Lowe who formerly coached in the A-League told Perth radio station 6PR that Mr Hodgson is a ‘top bloke’.  

‘What’s happened – I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I can’t imagine what it’s doing to his family being so far away,’ he said. 

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