Piers Morgan says 'shameful' Prince Andrew should be denied admiral's uniform until he speaks to FBI over Epstein

PIERS Morgan said "shameful" Prince Andrew should be denied wearing an Admiral's uniform until he speaks to the FBI over his alleged links to Jeffrey Epstein.

The former Good Morning Britain host slammed the Duke of York's uniform request as "completely outrageous" since he's failed to either clear his name or return to public duties.

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The Duke of York, who stepped back from public duties over his friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein 18 months ago, was made an honorary Vice-Admiral in the Royal Navy on his 55th birthday in 2015.

He was due to be promoted to Admiral on his 60th birthday last year, but offered to defer the role until he cleared his name and returned to public life.

Now, the 61-year-old prince has reportedly told the Queen and senior officials he wished to attend his father's farewell as an Admiral.

Her Majesty is expected to make a decision on Andrew's outfit in the next 24 hours.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Piers Morgan said today: "His request to attend the funeral as an Admiral when he has so far failed to either clear his name or return to public duties is completely outrageous.

"How dare he 'demand' anything given his refusal to be interviewed by the FBI about a very serious sex crime investigation?


"For Andrew to try to garner the nation's sympathy, using the pandemic as a tool to do so, stank of someone trying to deflect public attention from his own shameful situation."

Prince Andrew joined the Royal Navy in 1979 as a Seaman Officer and finished his active naval career in 2001.

And the Navy established a policy in 2009 that means the prince is promoted in line with his still-serving peers to mark his continued contribution to the service.

The rank of Admiral is the highest rank to which a serving officer in the Royal Navy can be promoted, although members of the Royal Family can be made Admiral of the Fleet.

And while Andrew has lost many of his charitable patronages, he has not been stripped of his military positions and titles yet.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment last night, saying: "Funeral arrangements are being finalised and we will announce them accordingly."


It comes as Andrew's siblings Prince Edward and Princess Anne will both be in military dress – along with Prince William and Prince Charles who each hold honorary roles.

An Admiral's ceremonial day coat has three rows of lace on the sleeve, but a Vice-Admiral's two rows.

The Admiral's shoulder rank board features a crossed baton and sword with four stars, but for a Vice-Admiral there are just three stars.

Prince Andrew was accused by one of Epstein's victims, Virginia Giuffre, of having sex with her twice when she was 17.

Andrew has strongly denied all accusations and has kept a low profile since being forced out of public life.

Over the weekend, however, he paid tribute to Prince Philip, describing the "huge void" his father's death had left in the Queen's life.

It was later reported that Andrew spoke out because he is increasingly confident he will be able to return to some of his royal duties in future, believing the public will soften their stance towards him as he grieves.

A source close to Prince Andrew told the Daily Mail: "He still harbours thoughts that he can make a comeback. He genuinely thinks that's possible."


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