Playboy Playmate tied up by armed robbers who stole £20k from mansion

A PLAYBOY playmate has told how she was tied up with a dog leash as gun thugs ransacked her Hollywood pad.

Supermodel Lauryn Elaine, 36, was targeted by the masked raiders in her plush Los Angeles home where they made off with £23,500 in cash and her purse.

The terrified playmate released a video to TMZ as she relived the ordeal and walked through her trashed home.

Three robbers forced their way into the apartment in the 5000 block of Fair Avenue, pointed a gun at her and then fled with several items.

Lauryn said in the video: "So, this is where they tied me up with my dog leash and made me sit on the floor, tied my hands and my f***ing feet together.

"And then they smashed my door, breaking in.

"Ransacked this area. Ransacked my bed, my closet, all of the clothes.

So, this is where they tied me up with my dog leash and made me sit on the floor, tied my hands and my f***ing feet together. And then they smashed my door, breaking in.

"And they broke the (front) door down."

Footage of the trashed home shows the property strewn with furniture, smashed mirrors and clothing.

The video also shows an open safe lying on the floor and broken pieces of wood where they forced entry through the front door.

In the video, Ms Elaine takes viewers on a tour of her pad and points out where she was allegedly tied up.

Cops are hunting the trio but descriptions have not yet been released.

Sources told TMZ that she noticed her front door was broken when she got home at 11.45pm on Wednesday.


She walked in and screamed when two men came out of her bedroom and one out of her brother's.

After they fled, Ms Elaine managed to free herself and ran outside to get help.

In 2017, she was among three Playboy bunnies who claimed they were mistreated by police after being arrested for not having the correct work permits in Mexico.

The stunners were arrested by immigration officers who detained them while they were at an exclusive party in Cancun.

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It was reported the young women were "mingling" when they were pounced on by the officers, who they have since publicly slammed.

American bunny Ms Elaine, French bunny Marie Brethenoux and Turkish bunny Elif Celik were detained.

Playboy Mexico has since described the operation as an "abuse of authority" following the "misunderstanding".

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