Prince Andrew’s pal Ghislaine Maxwell accused of ‘prowling Central Park picking up women for sex with Jeffrey Epstein’ – The Sun

PRINCE Andrew’s pal Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly prowled Central Park to lure young women for sex with paedo Jeffrey Epstein.

The shock revelation comes three months after Epstein’s accusers told a New York court that Maxwell helped him recruit girls and carry out his heinous abuse.

One of the women accusing the shamed financier of sexually abused them at a young age, Maria Farmer, told CBS News that Maxwell visited Central Park to hunt down and entice young women into his sex trafficking ring.

She's alleged that Epstein and Maxwell – the pervert's longtime confidante – both sexually assaulted her in 1996.

Farmer also accused Maxwell of threatening her life after the alleged abuse: "She says, 'you're going out to jog on the West Side Highway every day, and I know this.

"You need to be very careful because there's so many ways to die there… look over your shoulder'."

Farmer also told the broadcaster that she saw Ghislaine procuring women at "places like Central Park".


Maxwell would allegedly leap out of the car to pounce upon an unsuspecting victim for Epstein, she added.

Farmer claimed: "She would say 'stop the car', and she would dash out and get a child."

When Maxwell – the daughter of late Brit publisher Robert Maxwell – was questioned about such actions, she would tell Farmer she was "getting Victoria Secret models", Farmer said.

The New York Post explains that Epstein was accused of touting his ties to Victoria's Secret owner Les Wexner to lure aspiring models to his homes.

Epstein reportedly boasted that Wexner would "do anything for him".

Farmer told CBS that the paedo sexually assaulted her when she was 26 years old, and working for him in one of his homes.

She added that "many, many, many, many, many" young women would be seen at his Upper East Side property in New York City "all day long".

Maria and her sister Annie, along with co-accuser Teresa Helm, sued Epstein's estate for $557million in damages, citing battery and emotional distress.

Epstein was arrested in July on sex trafficking charges alleging he repeatedly assaulted women and teenage girls in the early 2000s at his $77 million Manhattan mansion and at another opulent estate in Palm Beach, Florida.


The pervert, who once counted US President Donald Trump, former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew as pals, was arrested on July 6 and pleaded not guilty.

Annie Farmer, 40, was one of two women to speak about abuse at the hands of Epstein as he sat several feet away from them at a bail hearing and to urge that he be kept behind bars.

Prosecutors accused Epstein of arranging for girls to perform nude “massages” and other sex acts, and paying some girls to recruit others, from at least 2002 to 2005.

Some of the women have publicly said Epstein raped them.


After Epstein killed himself in his federal jail cell in August, a month after his arrest, Assistant U.S. Attorney Maurene Comey said he was obligated to dismiss the indictment against him.

He added that prosecutors could continue to seek forfeiture of Epstein’s assets.

Many of the women who testified said Ghislaine Maxwell acted like his madame, helping him recruit girls and carry out his abuse.

However, a spokesman for federal prosecutors in Manhattan has declined to confirm or deny whether Maxwell is under investigation.

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Ghislaine Maxwell was born in 1961, in Maisons Laffitte, France.

She is the youngest child of disgraced media tycoon and British publisher Robert Maxwell.

She moved to New York in 1991 after her father's death and reportedly socialised with Ivana Trump.

In 1992 she had a romantic relationship with American financier Jeffrey Epstein and remained closely associated with Epstein for decades afterwards.

The 57-year-old has been accused of acting like a "madame" for Jeffrey Epstein, US court documents reveal.

Almost 2,000 pages of a lawsuit were released in a defamation case involving Virginia Giuffre (then Roberts), who in 2015 claimed Prince Andrew slept with her three times, and Epstein’s ex-lover Maxwell.

Ms Giuffre also claimed that Ms Maxwell had acted as a “madame”, documents say.

A manuscript by Ms Giuffre, also released with the court papers, claims Epstein and Maxwell invited the Duke of York to meet her in the capital to help him get over the “fresh wounds still lingering on” after his divorce from Sarah Ferguson.

Ms Giuffre also alleges she was recruited by Maxwell in 1999 where she was introduced to Epstein.

Buckingham Palace strongly denied the allegation in 2015 saying "any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors" by the Duke was "categorically untrue".

Earlier this year it added: "It is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact with Virginia Roberts. Any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation."

Maxwell has repeatedly denied any involvement in Epstein's crimes.

In a 2015 statement, Maxwell rejected allegations that she has acted as a procurer for Epstein.

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