Prince Philip knows Charles is the right man to carry the royal family through Meghan and Harry crisis

FOR years the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh had a difficult relationship.

Prince Philip once said: “Charles is a romantic and I am a pragmatist. That means we do see things differently. And because I don’t see things as a romantic would, I am unfeeling.”

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Philip is tough and determinedly independent. He was brought up to fend for himself in a way that left little room for other people, even his own children. 

He had little sympathy for anyone less capable than himself and worried when Charles grew into a shy, diffident child. Like many fathers of that era, Philip didn’t want his son to be mollycoddled. He wanted to make a man of his son.

For years they refused to understand each other. 

So when the Prince of Wales went to visit his father in London’s King Edward VII hospital it took many by surprise. 

But in recent years their relationship has changed. 

Charles was the first member of the royal family to visit Philip and cameras captured his teary eyes. It is no surprise because this might have been the last time he would see his father. 

It would have been a very important meeting. Father to son — and son to his elderly father.

There would have been no unnecessary words, because Philip hates emotion.

But Philip would have sympathised with his son as to the future and the tough years he must face ahead. 

He knows Charles is the right man to carry the country through hard times because he cares so much — too much sometimes — but it is an admirable asset for a sensitive, modern King.

He also understands Charles will need all his patience to deal with Prince Harry and Meghan, should they continue to be a thorn in the royal side. 

I know he despairs of his grandson and his wife right now. He cannot understand, when they had everything they asked for, it still wasn’t enough. 

He is fond of his grandson and had high hopes for his union with Meghan. 

But his admiration for Meghan soon dissolved as word reached him of how difficult she was being. 

Patients with heart conditions are advised to be kept worry free. But although he may not be able to rely on Harry he knows he can rely on Charles.

Now all he has to do is concentrate on his recovery and watch the TV. 

Though Philip would rather be tuning into the cricket — not Oprah.

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