Private risk to security, says Voice of The Mirror

History is littered with political sex scandals. Some are mere tittle-tattle, others, such as the Profumo Affair, are matters of greater seriousness.

Our expose today falls into the second category. We reveal that an aide to a senior Government minister has a lucrative second income from working for a “sugar daddy” website.

How people conduct themselves in private is not generally a matter of public interest. But it is if she’s a civil servant with access to confidential documents concerning matters of state, and who boasts she runs a minister’s life.

There are implications for national security when someone at the centre of Government leaves themselves open to threats of blackmail.

Then there is the question of whether the recruitment process and vetting procedures for Whitehall staff are sufficiently robust.

You cannot put too high a premium on the importance of national security.

If there is a risk of it being compromised then it is right the public should know.


Anyone with first-hand experience of the NHS can tell you our health service deserves better.

Waiting lists are rising, appointments can be hard to come by and bed space is at a premium. It is only the dedication of NHS staff which keeps the system from total collapse.

Which is why today’s report by the eminent surgeon Lord Darzi is so important.

He says the NHS needs another £50billion by 2030 or risks bankruptcy, while adult social care needs at least another £10billion.

Theresa May claims she has put extra money into the NHS, but this has been the equivalent of using a plastic cork to plug an oil well.

Government has been given a stark warning. If it really cares for our NHS it will heed it.

Brexit in a flap

David Davis insists he is not “winging it” when it comes to the Brexit negotiations.

Given the evidence to the contrary, he might as well have claimed that pigs will fly.

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