Queen hands loyal staff a five percent payrise to help them

Queen hands loyal staff a five percent payrise to help them through the cost-of-living crisis

  •  Staff will get a minimum of 2.5 percent pay rise but the majority up to 5 percent 
  •  The annual wage bill at the Palace comes to £24.1 million per year for all staff 
  • A palace insider said : ‘Everyone is really delighted…Here’s to the Queen.’
  • Latest Platinum Jubilee news as the Queen celebrates 70 years of service

The Queen has given her staff a five percent pay rise today in preparation for her Platinum Jubilee celebrations. 

The Royal staff who have had a two-year pay freeze are seeing the increase to help them cover rising costs during the cost-of-living crisis, the Telegraph reports. 

A Royal source said: ‘Staff will get a minimum of 2.5 percent pay rise, rising up to 5 percent depending on their personal performance . 

‘But it’s fair to say the majority will get 5 percent.

‘It is not being billed as a Jubilee bonus, it’s in recognition of everyones hard work over the past two years. 

 A palace insider said on the impact on the pay rise: ‘Everyone is really delighted with the pay rise which was announced in an internal memo. With the cost of living crisis we are struggling like everyone else and it helps to pay the bills. Here’s to the Queen.’

ONS data shows the pay rise is higher than the rate of annual pay growth which was 4 percent from December 2021 to February this year.

The Queen employs chefs, housekeepers, gardeners, drivers, security, cavalry, guardsmen and many more across the UK

As inflation reached 9 percent and is heading to 10 percent the rise, employees may not see the benefits of any pay rises below that rate. 

A survey by the Chartered Management Institute in April found that most British employers were offering pay settlements worth on average 2.8 percent to staff. 

Pay settlements in the private sector came in higher at 3.2 percent compared with only 2.4 percent in the public sector.

Workers for the Royal Family have had low wages for a while but job positions often include room and board.

Many are still being paid £1.93 less than the national living wage, according to job comparison company Breakroom. 

Many of her staff are happy to take the lower wage to have the honor to work for the monarchy

In 2015, a royal insider signaled that the Palace would start paying staff a living wage.

In January this year an Insider found that most pay rates now achieve that goal. 

However, a recent review of advertised pay rates for 503 jobs in the Palace shows that a significant amount of workers are still receiving the bare minimum.

Some employees said they accepted lower wages ‘because they have immense pride in working for the monarchy.’ 

The latest Sovereign Grant report showed that the lowest full-time wage is £18,586 and the highest is paid £250,000. 

The annual wage bill at the Palace comes to £24.1 million. 

Royal author Norman Baker said: ‘The Queen pays in a very tight-fisted way.

‘It’s been apparent to me for some time that when [job] adverts come up that they are not advertised at a generous salary.

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