Real life ‘cave woman’ eats roadkill and says pigeons taste like steak

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A British woman who is a modern day 'cavewoman' regularly stops her car to feast on roadkill.

Sarah Day, 34, will eat anything from a deer to a rat – in fact, she claims she will eat pretty much anything.

But she doesn't just use the roadkill for its meat, she also has use for the skin and bones too.

The self-proclaimed cavewoman, who teaches survival skills and history to children, has revealed a selection of her favourite dishes from pigeon wings to a gourmet-sounding venison sandwich.

Sarah, from Colchester, Essex said: "I eat road kill at least once a week although there isn't always an animal on the side of the road.

"My freezer is full of roadkill finds which is handy during the winter as I can defrost the deer or rabbit to make a hearty stew.

"Rat is very similar to squirrel, it is mild and sweet.

"It tastes a little bit like chicken but much nicer. And pigeon is like a really good beef steak.

"Sometimes, I may come across an animal but it is unsafe to eat as it will be cold and floppy meaning it has been there for longer than 24 hours. Sometimes roadkill is simply too damaged.

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"But if it is still juicy and warm, and largely intact, then it is good to go."

The modern day cave woman says her philosophy to use as much as the road kill as possible.

"I use their bones to make tools and weapons," she added.

Although she has a selection of frozen roadkill at her house, Sarah claims she still shops in the local supermarkets like the rest of the general public.

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Her fascination with the Stone Age reportedly began when she was just a child.

Since Sarah discovered her passion, her life has revolved around learning new survival skills like building shelter, starting fires and of course, how to eat and make use of road kill.

She added: "I refer to myself as a professional cave woman.

"I do have a house in the middle of a town which is my official home – but I would rather be in a tent.

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"I made my very own sleeping bag out of reindeer skin. I have also made a selection of clothes from road kill for work.

"I have lived off the land before for a few days and you don't feel like an amazing hunter.

"You feel exhausted and achy. It is an effort to lift your feet up – it's not like a film.

"It is all about working smart, the more you practise the better you become.

"I think survival has become sensationalised, it's not about running around and climbing waterfalls – the better you are, the more chilled you are."

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