Rep. Matt Gaetz wears gas mask in Congress during coronavirus funding vote

WASHINGTON — Maybe he’s angling for a job on President Trump’s coronavirus taskforce?

Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz turned heads on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, donning an enormous gas mask on the House floor during a vote on the coronavirus funding bill.

The 37-year-old lawmaker shared a photo of himself wearing the bio-hazard mask while reviewing an $8.3 billion emergency spending bill to confront the health outbreak.

The virus has killed 11 Americans and more than 3,000 people worldwide.

“Reviewing the coronavirus supplemental appropriation and preparing to go vote,” Gaetz tweeted.

Democrat Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut got in on the joke, sharing a photo of Gaetz with the caption: “You won’t believe the shoes Matt Gaetz is wearing today.”

It’s unclear what kind of statement the congressman was trying to convey by wearing the face covering.

Gaetz’s office did not respond to request for comment.

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