Reporter tricked into saying plane crash landed because of a 'flux capacitor' – the Back to the Future machine

Boston 25 reporter Kathyrn Burcham made the staggering blunder during a broadcast from a Massachusetts airport where a plane had crash-landed.

Reporting live from the scene, she said: "Hazel then told us that the issue was with a defective flux capacitator though the National Transport Safety Board would not comment on any potential cause today.

"Go Skydive Boston didn't respond to a written request for comment."

She had seemingly been tricked into thinking the device – which had a key role in the 1985 classic – was a genuine aircraft part.

In fact, a flux capacitor is the core component of Dr Emmet Brown's time-travelling DeLorean sportscar.

In the film, Michael J Fox's Marty McFly uses the car to travel back to 1955 – but is stranded in the past when the flux capacitor runs out of its plutonium fuel.

He is forced to use a lightning strike to jump start the car's time travel features – while also trying to save his parents' relationship before it even starts.

The man identified as Hazel in the clip added with a grin: "As I've said we've really never had any problems. The airport is run very well."

The plane flipped over during the attempted landing when it careered off the runway onto a dirt track.

The Hanson Fire Department confirmed that a man suffered minor injuries in the crash.

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