Rick Zamperin: Sports leagues trying to prevent spread of coronavirus

As concerns over COVID-19 continue to mount, the NHL, NBA, MLB and MLS have taken a step towards trying to limit the impact of the outbreak on its players, coaches and other employees.

Each league is closing their locker rooms to the media over fears of the coronavirus spreading, meaning only players and essential team personnel will be allowed inside.

The scene that followed the Toronto Maple Leafs‘ practice on Monday was reminiscent of a playoff game as players answered reporters’ questions from a podium as opposed to standing in media scrums or conducting one-on-one interviews.

One by one, players were paraded in front of the media, answered a few questions — even a few about coronavirus itself — and then returned to the team’s dressing room.

The NBA has scheduled a conference call with its owners on Wednesday to discuss COVID-19 and the next steps the league may be forced to take to prevent the spread of the virus.

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