ritish photographer captures hilarious images of cheeky snow monkeys play fighting and throwing human-like punches

The Japanese macaques, known as snow monkeys, turned blow monkeys in the scrap by a zoo pool.

David Williams snapped them in Tokyo and said: “The snow monkeys have a huge outdoor area, which they really enjoy.

“They have a running stream of water which fills up the pool for them, any overflow drains out.

"They absolutely love to play fight in this pool.

"Usually the older monkeys are just relaxing in the pool to cool down or have a drink but the young monkeys love to pick a fight with them. “

Describing a particularly bruising jump-and-punch shot, David explains: “This shot shows a perfect moment of a monkey jumping and punching at the same time.

"I didn’t even see this happen as it happened so fast and the mirror in my camera was opening and shutting so quickly, my eye didn’t catch it.

"It was a great surprise when I checked the images at home.

“I love capturing these moments as our eye cannot see these fast actions properly.

"I really enjoy seeing the graceful movements as well as their amazing agility.

“These shots were taken at a shutter speed of 1/3200 which is needed or the shots would be blurred.”

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