Roger Stone Aide Andrew Miller Given Immunity To Testify In Russia Investigation

CNN reports that a longtime aide to Roger Stone has been granted immunity. Andrew Miller worked for Stone for years on and off. Miller is currently refusing to testify before the grand jury.

Currently, he’s working as a house painter in Missouri. In the past, the Libertarian has formerly worked for Gary Johnson’s campaign, and was a pot farmer in California. He’s not a Trump supporter, but he worked as Stone’s tech guru, driver, and assistant. He answered emails for “The Stone Zone,” Stone’s newsletter, among other duties.

“He’s a good father, a devoted husband, and a loyal friend. These efforts to squeeze him to bear false witness against me are despicable,” Roger Stone said of Miller.

Miller’s attorneys say he is not involved in Russian collusion and that during the time in question, he was more concerned with his upcoming wedding than election tampering. Stone is a longtime Trump adviser, and claims the fact that all his aides and associates are being questioned is harassment. Although Miller says he has no knowledge of any wrongdoing, his attorney also said in court he would have to plead the Fifth Amendment, so as not to incriminate himself, if he were asked to testify.

The 34-year old Miller is a firm Libertarian and he’s not budging, although many of his fellow former aides have acquiesced to the demands of Robert Mueller and his investigation.

“Andrew is just being brave,” said Alicia Dearn, one of Miller’s attorneys. “This is really a matter of principle. This isn’t a matter of him having anything to hide or even wanting to frustrate the special counsel’s office.”

Miller has already been held in contempt of court for his resistance to testify, and his legal battle is being funded with some assistance from the defense fund of fellow aide Michael Caputo, which is paying for one of his attorneys. Another attorney is funded by the National Legal and Policy Center, a conservative organization.

Miller has said he will testify rather than go to jail, so that question is answered. His ties to Stone go back 10 years and then some. He first became acquainted with Stone through his stepmother, who was then Stone’s personal assistant. It seems his loyalty has continued unabated throughout the years, though he initially cooperated with the investigation.

After an initial meeting with the special counsel, he contacted Dearn to help him fight the order to testify.

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