Romanian toyboy, 28, reveals he still has OAP vicar's cash as new lover, 51, pays for everything & he snubs gold-diggers

A TOYBOY who inherited his OAP vicar husband's £250,000 fortune has revealed he hasn't spent a penny of the loot.

Male model Florin Marin is now dating a new boyfriend twice his age who keeps him in the lap of luxury as he hasn't dipped into his ex-lover's inheritance.

Romanian Florin shacked up with wealthy Jeronimo Jesus de Vega, 51, who he previously dated while on a break from his ex husband.

Florin's former hubby Philip Clements, 81, tragically died back in June last year.

The 28-year-old will now receive his late husband's £2,000 a month pension for the rest of his life and £150,000 from Mr Clements' life insurance policy – plus £100,000 worth of property.

From a Spanish villa, he boasted: "I don’t spend my money on holidays – my lovers pay for it.”

Florin said he still has his ex-husband's fortune because he said he's "not stupid" and hasn't frittered away the cash on "little things".

He explained he had been squirrelling the money away into a bank account.

And the model insisted that he has been stashing the cash despite being chased by gold-diggers hoping to get their hands on some of his money.

He said: "hey can’t play with me because I’m very clever and smart and they can’t lie to me."

His ex-husband Phillip died last year following a long illness.

The couple got together in 2017, briefly splitting over arguments about Florin's late-night partying.

Mr Clements then returned to the UK, living with a friend, while Florin reportedly struck up a new relationship with a rich Spanish businessman.

But Philip made the move from Eastry, Kent to Romania so they could be together after they rekindled their romance.

Philip previously served as a priest with the Anglican church but retired before marrying Florin.

Philip and Florin had made headlines with their love affair when they met on Grindr – with the couple insisting the relationship was real.

They even appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show to declare their love despite Florin's clubbing ways.

The couple had been living off of Philip's teaching and church pension.

Florin said he has had "problems" with Phillip's family, after banning them from his ex's funeral and now only speaks to one of the late 81-year-old's brothers, after falling out with two of them.

He barred mourning family members from attending after they called him a "gold digging leech," he said.

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