Rose McGowan claims Harvey Weinstein texted her a month ago

The Sin City actress, 44, told the BBC "I've got no idea how he got my number."

She is one of several women with Hollywood to claim the shamed mogul raped her, and her allegations helped the #MeToo movement gain momentum.

When asked on the Victoria Derbyshire proframme if she had any contact with Weinstein since her claims, she said: "Texts, things like that – I've got no idea how he got my number, but he also had former Mossad agents involved in my life so getting my personal phone number wasn't that hard."

She added: "I shook, it was like a bullet, once again."

Asked why he had been in touch she said he was trying to make contact with her,

Rose added: "It was basically just kind of this person is reaching out. And I don't even understand what the point was. I can't understand to what end. The cat's out of the bag."

In a series of tweets on October 12 2017, McGowan said Weinstein raped her and Amazon Studios ignored her complaints.

Rose wrote a memoir, Brave, about the alleged ordeal.

She told Victoria Derbyshire: "The reality of what happened in that hotel room is even worse than I wrote about.

"I just thought, 'This is enough to really get my point across.

She added: "It shocks me that I was touched by this person, and so many, I was just a thing to be eaten."

In January 2018, Weinstein broke his silence to deny the allegations made by Rose against him, and claims that e-mails between him and Ben Affleck prove it.



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