Roy Green: The Conservative Party of Canada and self-inflicted stumbling

You might think the Conservative Party of Canada would have learned by simple observation to not set its political house ablaze. Yet today the CPC is attempting to appear headed for the same objective and with some level of cohesion.

To the party hierarchy as currently constituted, knock it off. You’re fooling no one and harming only the very opportunity to capitalize on your — what shall we call it — “moral victory” at the polls last month.

Even to the casual observer, it has been increasingly evident since well before the Oct. 21 vote that the Conservative Party of Canada was experiencing difficulty grasping the fundamental concept that winners take advantage of opportunity. And for the CPC, opportunity wouldn’t stop knocking.

Justin Trudeau had been splashing about on the national stage in a manner unlike any prime minister in recent memory.

The morbid stew surrounding the SNC-Lavalin developments alone should have provided sufficient fodder to assure a 2019 inglorious return for the Liberals to the parliamentary gulag from whence they emerged under Trudeau four years earlier.

The case had everything a political opponent might ordinarily only pray for: a prime minister accused of blatant interference with a sitting First Nations attorney general in the discharge of her sworn duties; a parliamentary ethics commissioner concluding that Trudeau and ethical behaviour weren’t very well acquainted; public hearings during which the Liberals managed by purely partisan parliamentary voting to shield the Canadian populace from the truth Jody Wilson-Raybould was all too willing to share.

On and on it went, with Trudeau inanely nattering in the margins.

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