Royal baby: See how William and Kate's baby stacks up to others

10. Tiana Gia Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his girlfriend Lauren Hashian have just welcomed their second child ito the world. The progeny of The Rock has serious potential: The blood of a box office success machine runs through that baby. But, seeing as little Tiana shares a birthday with the new Royal Baby, she’s starting behind the pack. 

9. Story Anabelle Paul

This baby has everything: A unique Hollywood name. Parents who met at Coachella. The sole claim to the baby-Heisenberg Halloween costume from now until the end of time. 

8. Haley Joy Kotb

Move over, Matt Lauer’s kids! There’s a new Today heiress in the building. 30 Rock has been just as abuzz about Hoda’s new bundle of joy as they have about her new installment as co-host of the morning show. 

7. Royal Baby No. 3

One might think the Royal baby, which has been the subject of nearly nine months of anticipation at home and abroad, would be able to debut at the No. 1 spot on this list. But there are several factors working against Baby Boy Windsor: He was in utero literally hours ago, his arrival comes in the midst of the Harry-Meghan wedding extravaganza, and it’s the third time we’ve all done this.  

6. Ines Reynolds

We know almost nothing about little Ines, the second daughter of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, save for the fact tshe looked like this when she was a few months old. But mystery works for this celebrity baby. It’s kind of like when Beyoncé refuses to give any interviews.

5. Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. 

When your mom is the greatest tennis player of all time (yes, we said it) and your dad is, like, a super rich and smart tech entrepreneur, the deck is stacked in your favor. Olympia’s 317,000-plus Instagram followers only further this narrative. The second she starts taking tennis lessons or learning to code she’s going to jump at least three spots. 

4. Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Only a power baby can pull off knee socks to such an impressive degree. And Charlotte may not be very high in the line of succession, but her newly-cemented role as the only daughter of William and Kate gives her a major advantage.

3. Billy Kimmel

Little Billy Kimmel grinned his way into the hearts of America almost immediately upon birth, and something tells us he’s going to carry the torch as the poster baby for health care long past his current viral trendiness.

2. North, Saint, and Chicago West

North West used to rule the celebrity baby roost, what with her custom Balmain tutus and uncanny ability to shoot eye daggers at paparazzi, but her younger siblings are hot on her heels. Saint shares a name with one of his dad’s songs, and Chicago, well, we’re sure Kim has big plans for her. 

You’re doing amazing, sweetie

1. Rumi and Sir Carter

For many years (five, to be exact) Blue Ivy held court as the most enthralling — and powerful — member of the Knowles-Carter family. It’s time for her to pass the torch to her twin siblings, the only two people with the ability to change Coachella forever. 

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