Russian soldiers run out of fuel on way to invasion and become prisoners of war

A pair of Russian soldiers have fond themselves in a spot of bother after running out of fuel.

The unnamed duo were left on empty when their vehicle had no more petrol.

It is unclear if they were driving a tank, but they were forced to pop into a nearby local police station to ask for help in the Ukranian oblast of Shevchenkove, Kharkiv.

Pictures – posted by Illia Ponomarkeno, defense reporter with The Kyiv Independent news outlet – show the pair in handcuffs.

It went viral on Twitter when it emerged that they had now been arrested and are now officially classed as prisoners of war.

However, they no longer have to trek around outside in the cold, wet Ukrainian weather.

The area where the pair ran out of fuel was around an hour away from the centre of Kharkiv, and is home to a train station, a few local shops and a urban houses.

Reacting to the predicament on Twitter, author Tess Gerritsen wrote: “Are there checkpoints where they can just surrender?

“It would be less destructive if Russians were offered the chance to drop their weapons and come in for some hot soup.

“Then their (undamaged) vehicles could be put to use.”

@Nitsirk63 wrote: “I think it’s their way of surrendering – they don’t want this war. “

And Paul Maatmann wrote: “These boys have no idea what they are doing.”

As of Saturday night, 198 Ukrainians had been killed, including three children, with an additional 1,115 Ukrainian civilians suffering from injury – and 33 of those are children.

Russia hasn't released official death toll numbers, but Ukrainian deputy defence minister Hanna Malyar said on Sunday that the number of dead could be as high as 4,300.

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