Russia's chilling threat to deploy NUKES on border with Finland and Sweden 'when NATO bases appear' after block bid

RUSSIA has chillingly threatened to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on the border with Finland and Sweden "when bases appear" after their NATO bid.

Vladimir Putin warned the nations that joining the Western alliance would be a "mistake" – but they have snubbed the despot.

Moscow has now made it clear they will suffer the consequences of joining NATO, boasting they could wipe out Finland in "ten seconds".

Brainwashed state television pundits supporting Putin mockingly said the two countries have only been motivated to join by fear.

But it seems Russia may now becoming unnerved by the unwavering support shown for Ukraine since the conflict kicked off.

A commentator on Rossiya One said: "Their official reason is fear. But they'll have more fear in Nato. 

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"When Nato bases appear in Sweden and Finland, Russia will have no choice but to neutralise the imbalance and new threat by deploying tactical nuclear weapons."

The stern warning was expected in wake of their bloc bids, as Russia will soon be encircled by Nato territory on its western flank from the Arctic to Turkey.

It's understood that both countries have been spooked by Mad Vlad's invasion of Ukraine and are seeking security ties with the West to fend off any aspirations by Russia to invade.

Finland, which shares an 830-mile border with Russia, announced its hopes of securing NATO membership after remaining militarily non-aligned for 75 years.

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President Sauli Niinisto and Prime Minister Sanna Marin excitedly described the major policy shift as the beginning of a "new era".

But Russia claimed the country joining the transatlantic alliance would harm bilateral ties.

Sweden soon followed suit in just a matter of hours, with the ruling Social Democrats also backing a bid to join NATO.

Just months ago, the historically neutral nations considered joining the alliance a distant prospect.

But Putin's horrific invasion of Ukraine has prompted them both to rethink their security needs and seek safety in a group they stood apart from during the long Cold War.

It seems they have begun to realise the savagery of Moscow knows no bounds – in warnings, war and even Eurovision.

Ukraine's triumph rattled Russia, seeing Putin's henchmen scrawl 'Eurovision 2022' on a deadly bomb.

Others sickeningly called for the competition to be "nuked".

Russia have now also been accused of pummelling Ukrainian defenders at the Mariupol steel plant with deadly phosphorus bombs.

The toxic incendiary burns deep into human tissue after being inhaled as a smoke or ingested.

It comes as Kyiv mayor and former heavyweight boxer Vitali Klitschko said he fears his city will be nuked by Russian forces.

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He doubled down on his predictions that Putin's main plot is to occupy the city, saying he had "no doubt" it was still in his sights.

And he fears he will stop at nothing – even nuclear warfare – to achieve his goal, saying an attack could come at "any minute".

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