Russia's space chief threatens to turn enemies into radioactive crater

Russia will soon have 50 ’14-storey high’ Satan-2 nukes capable of reducing Western enemies into ‘radioactive craters’, Putin’s space agency chief says in new threat

  • Dmitry Rogozin, head of Roscosmos, issued fresh nuclear threat to the West 
  • 50 new Sarmat-2 nuclear missiles will be deployed by the autumn, he said 
  • Attack will reduce any enemies to a ‘radioactive crater’,  Rogozin proclaimed
  • ‘[I] advise the aggressors to talk more politely with Russia,’ he added

Russia will soon have 50 brand new nuclear missiles capable of reducing all enemies to a nuclear crater, the head of the country’s space agency has warned. 

Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Roscosmos and a staunch Putin ally, said dozens of new Sarmat-2 missiles – measuring 14 storeys tall and weighing 208 tons – will be deployed by autumn to menace Russia’s enemies. 

‘It remains only to advise the aggressors to talk more politely with Russia,’ he said.

As a demonstration of Sarmat’s power, he showed off footage of a 26ft deep and 66ft wide hole caused by one of the missiles when fired without a warhead.

Russia will soon possess 50 Sarmat-2 nuclear missiles capable of turning enemies into a radioactive crater, head of space agency Roscosmos has warned (pictured, a crater made by a Sarmat missile launched without a nuclear warhead)

Dmitry Rogozin highlighted footage of a 26ft deep and 66ft wide crater caused by a Sarmat missile launched without a nuclear warhead (pictured) to illustrate his latest threat

He said: ‘With a nuclear charge, such a crater at an enemy site will be…well, very large and very deep – and radioactive.

‘And not just one, but exactly as many as the most powerful nuclear missile in the world will deliver to the territory of a fierce enemy.

‘And we will soon have almost 50 such Sarmats [the missile is known in the West as Satan-2] on combat duty.

‘It remains only to advise the aggressors to talk more politely with Russia.’

Rogozin, a former deputy prime minister and Putin super-loyalist, has made several recent threats of nuclear strikes against the West involving Satan-2.

For his latest threat, he used footage from Russian TV channel Zvezda, run by the Defence Ministry.

The Satan-2 missile is the height of a 14-storey tower block and weighs 208 tons, say the Russians.

The intercontinental ballistic missile has a range of 11,200 miles and can strike at targets at 15,880mph after flying in outer space or via the north or south poles.

Zvezda TV journalist Alexander Kursky said at the Kura military test site on the Kamchatka peninsula: ‘This crater left by a Sarmat test launch just strikes my imagination.

‘No warhead, but the depth is 8 metres (26ft) and diameter 20 metres (66ft).’

Rogozin – who is in charge of Russia’s part in the International Space Station – last week boasted to schoolchildren and students that Satan-2 could demolish ‘half the coast of a continent’ of a Western enemy ‘which we may not like due to its aggressive policy’.

Two weeks ago Rogozin threatened to expunge Ukraine from the map and destroy the West in half an hour.

‘NATO is waging a war against us,’ he said at the time. ‘They didn’t announce it, but that doesn’t change anything. Now it’s obvious to everyone.’

The 58-year-old Putin crony said: ‘In a nuclear war, NATO countries will be destroyed by us in half an hour.

‘But we must not allow it, because the consequences of the exchange of nuclear strikes will affect the state of our Earth.

Sarmat-2 is currently being produced by Russia and will be deployed in the Siberia region by autumn, where it will be capable of ranging most of the planet (pictured, a Yars missile currently deployed in the same region) 

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) speaks with Roscosmos Director Dmitry Rogozin during a meeting at the airport of Blagoveshensk on April 12, 2022

‘Therefore, we will have to defeat this economically and militarily more powerful enemy with conventional armed means.’

He urged Putin to go further to win the war – with

‘mobilisation of the state economy.’

Industry must be forced to serve military objectives, he said.

‘This must be done immediately and quickly,’ he said.

Using a word that Putin has banned in relation to Ukraine – ‘war’ – he said: ‘This is a war for the truth – and the right of Russia to exist as a single and independent state.’

He insisted: ‘The very existence of a Ukraine separate from Russia will inevitably turn it into anti-Russia and a springboard of the West for aggression against our people.

‘That is why what we call a Special Military Operation goes far beyond its original meaning and geography.’

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