Ryanair passenger pays extra for ‘window seat’ – but soon discovers huge problem

A Ryanair customer was disappointed after paying extra for a 'window seat' – only to find out there wasn't actually a window.

Marcos Molina was flying from Berlin, Germany, to Dublin Airport, Ireland earlier this week when the "annoying" mishap happened.

The Puerto Rican, who lives in Germany, said he even paid extra again for his return journey as he had been booked into the same seat going back.

He is now calling for the airline to refund him the extra few pounds he paid.

Marcos told Dublin Live: "It's super annoying because the whole point of paying extra is to get those little upgrades.

"You know, you pay more to be more comfortable, or at least as comfortable as it can be on a cramped plane."

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Dublin Live checked the Ryanair site and tried to book tickets with a window seat.

There was nothing on the map of the plane to confirm which seats on the window rows actually had windows beside them.

Despite the map of seats not showing, Ryanair says that customers are advised that there are no windows during the process.

A spokesperson said: “There are three seats on all Boeing Next Generation 737-800s that do not have windows.

"Customers who choose to purchase these seats are advised of this fact during the booking process on the website.”

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