Sam Walker on the run again after skipping bail for evading police

Sneering fugitive with 100 convictions who taunted police goes on the run AGAIN after magistrates give him bail

  • Convicted drug dealer Sam Walker, 34, secretly re-entered the UK 
  • He fled to Sierra Leone in May and filmed ‘guide’ to escaping the country
  • He later produced a video about how he evaded authorities to return
  • Walker, who has 100 offences under his belt, also posed outside police station
  • Despite being collared by police, he skipped bail and has gone on the run again 

He made headlines as the fugitive gangster who taunted police on social media, saying: ‘Catch me if you can.’

Then it appeared as if convicted drug dealer Sam Walker’s luck had run out when he was arrested at last.

But, unbelievably, he was released on bail. And yesterday the 35-year-old was sticking two fingers up at the law again after failing to turn up at court and promptly going on the run again.

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Reports suggest he is viewed as a ‘hero’ in Sierra Leone because he has helped with access to clean water. This picture was posted to Instagram in May 

As questions were being asked about why magistrates granted bail to a man with a history of absconding, Walker told the Mail: ‘I’m not going to go to court to go straight back into a prison cell. They’re going to have to get me before that happens. There’s no way I’m handing myself in.’

In a video posted on Facebook, Walker – who appears to have a black eye – claimed he was beaten by police following his arrest.

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The saga began in May when Walker, who has more than 100 convictions, some for firearms offences, failed to appear in court in Cheshire to answer the relatively minor charge of driving while disqualified.

He used social media to taunt the authorities from West Africa, chronicling his escape from justice in a video he titled ‘How to get out of the UK when you’re wanted by police’.

In a video posted on Facebook, Walker – who appears to have a black eye – claimed he was beaten by police following his arrest

It purported to show Walker, who feared he would be sent back to jail for breaching the driving ban, using private jets and hitching a lift on a cargo ship in a crime caper-style 5,000-mile trip to Sierra Leone, where he claimed to be doing charity work.

As Cheshire Police said they were investigating his non-appearance at court, Walker raised the stakes by sneaking back into Britain.

The publicity-seeking gangster, who has been in and out of prison since his teenage years, filmed himself criss-crossing Europe, the Middle East and North Africa in private planes, helicopters and speedboats. He claimed he took the unorthodox route to avoid border checks.

He was seen landing by helicopter in a field in northern England, before being driven away in a waiting car and spending the night in a £250-a-night Hilton hotel room overlooking the headquarters of Merseyside Police.

He filmed himself bragging: ‘What would they do if they knew I was here?’ He also videoed himself in a car parked opposite Cheshire Police headquarters in Winsford, laughing on camera and saying: ‘Catch me if you can.’

On Sunday of last week, police finally thought they had got their man when they arrested Walker in Cronton, Merseyside.

Walker is no stranger to the high life, posting this picture outside Atlantis The Palm in Dubai in July 2017 

But when he appeared before magistrates in Chester two days later, they granted bail. Walker was due before the court again yesterday but instead sent his solicitor with a doctor’s note, saying he was ‘unfit for work/court’.

Tammy Mitchell, prosecuting, suggested the note had been altered. She told magistrates: ‘Look at the ink. The ink of “/court” is different to the ink of the doctor’s signature.’

The court ruled that the note was unacceptable – and another warrant was issued for Walker’s arrest. David Woods, representing Walker, claimed his client had contacted him on Tuesday to say he was unwell.

Walker, left in a helicopter on his return to the UK and right in Sierra Leone, came back to the UK via Italy, Spain and Portugal

He said Walker, who had been due to enter pleas to charges of driving while disqualified, driving with no insurance, obstructing a police officer and failing to attend bail, claimed he had been beaten in custody before his last appearance and suffered facial injuries.

Walker later insisted: ‘The sick note is genuine. I went to the doctors for injuries sustained by the police when they arrested me.

‘I took the note from my GP and got someone to take it to my solicitor.’ He boasted that he would be returning to Sierra Leone to continue his charity work ‘soon’.

A Cheshire Police spokesman said: ‘We are aware a warrant has been issued for his arrest and our inquiries are ongoing.’

The Crown Prosecution Service failed to respond to requests for comment on why Walker had been granted bail last week.


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