Scene where Liliana Carrillo slaughtered her three kids, 3, 2 & 6 months, so horrific cops needed emergency counseling

THE SCENE where a mom allegedly slaughtered her three young children was so horrific first responders are now receiving emergency counseling.

Cops were called to an apartment complex in Reseda, California to find Liliana Carrillo's children dead – hours before they were due to be picked up by their father, Carillo's ex-partner, Erik Denton on Saturday.

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The tragic tots – two boys and a girl, aged 3, 2, and 6 months – were found stabbed to death by their grandmother at around 9:30 am before she called 911 to the gruesome scene, which has traumatized officers.

"These are the moments we carry throughout our career. It's hard to process that as a police officer," Lieutenant Raul Joel told the LA Times.

A huge manhunt was launched to locate Carrrillo, 30, after she allegedly fled from the bloodbath and carjacked a Toyota pickup truck before she was captured around an hour later.

Carrillo was reportedly embroiled in a bitter custody spat with her "devastated" ex-boyfriend Erik Denton, who had sought custody of his beloved kids on March 1 after claiming their mother had been acting mentally unstable.

"Liliana was very sick, and this is not – she was not herself, and it’s been going on for several months that she has been unwell," Denton's Cousin, Teri Miller, told KTTV.

She explained Denton had repeatedly reached out to the Department of Children and Family Services, as well as police, in desperation because he knew Carrillo "needed help".

The father also requested a temporary emergency visitation order on March 4 and called for Carrillo to undergo a mental evaluation.

The mother hit back by filing for a temporary domestic violence restraining order against Denton on March 12 in Los Angeles Superior Court, records show.

Neighbors say the children were mostly cared for by their grandmother – who horrifically found the youngsters.

According to Fox11, the Department of Children and Family Services were one of the agencies that responded to the scene, but they provided no further details on the case.

The orders Denton requested were drawn up at a March 26 hearing. Another hearing in the case was scheduled for April 14.

Miller continued: "He’s also frustrated with the system, because the system failed them. The system failed these kids."

Few details have been released about the murders pending an investigation, but it has deeply disturbed first responders, according to cops.

Lt. Anthony Cato said in a statement: "We don't know the background of the family… we're just trying to this puzzle together at this time."

In the wake of the shocking slayings, it emerged that Carrillo appears to have run an Instagram account entitled "Blog for Good", where she shared inspirational messages and confessions about herself, reported.

In a number of posts, she tore into parents on the show Teen Mom, blasting them as bad mothers.

In one from May 10, 2013, she said the reality stars "physically and emotionally abuse their partners and then victimize themselves" and branded it "crap".

"They are involved in heavy drugs, cannot escape them, and then cry about how they can't access their child… I mean really?" she continued.

"All of these mothers that have been presented have in my opinion, and forgive me if this offends anyone but it is my opinion and I hold strongly to it, just idiot after idiot. I do not feel pity for them."

She admittted she was "not perfect" and "still had many issues", discussing her own "unhealthy relationships" in which she would "lose control".

"But overall I am happy and proud of my past. I love my present life and look forward to my future," she wrote.

Her children would not have been born by the time she stopped posting on the blog online.

Carrillo was initially named a person of interest in the deaths, but has since been deemed the lead suspect in the triple murder.

An investigation remains ongoing, and police have not yet given any information regarding a possible motive.

It’s unclear whether she had a criminal record.

Cops said all three of the victims were under the age of five years old and had each suffered fatal stab wounds.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Denton with the funeral costs for the tragic children.

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