Schoolgirl, 14, left 'permanently disabled' after being forced to do 150 SQUATS by her teacher for sneaking in snacks

A SCHOOLGIRL has been left permanently disabled after being forced to do 150 squats as punishment at her school.

The 14-year-old girl had been caught sneaking snacks into her dormitory by a teacher at the Xianshi Vocational Senior High School in south-western China's Sichuan Province.

The mother of the schoolgirl, who has been named as Zhou in local media, said that the incident happened at about 10pm on June 10.

Student leader Mu reportedly found snacks on the schoolgirl's bed and ordered her to do 300 squats.

The schoolgirl denied that the snacks belonged to her and said that she had suffered a foot injury in April 2020.

But Mu still allegedly forced her to do the squats under the supervision of a teacher Liu, who allegedly did nothing to stop the abuse 

The student was left requiring serious surgery to her foot at various hospitals in the cities of Luzhou and Chengdu.

Doctors told her that she is permanently disabled and she now has to walk on crutches.

She has since also been diagnosed with depression after the incident.

The school has reportedly offered RMB 109,774 – £12,530 – in compensation but the student's parents have so far declined.

The supervising teacher at the dormitory was reportedly fired on 14th July and the authorities have stated that they are investigating the matter.

This latest incident comes after a boy in Taiwan died after he was thrown to the mat 27 times during a judo class in April and spent two months in a coma before passing away.

The seven-year-old boy, surnamed Huang and known by his nickname Wei Wei, died in hospital on 29th June.

The incident took place during a judo lesson in the district of Fengyuan in the Taiwanese city of Taichung on 21st April.

The 67-year old instructor, surnamed Ho, ordered a 10-year-old student to throw the victim over his shoulder 20 times, despite the youngster’s pleas halfway through.

The instructor then personally slammed the boy on the mat a further seven times, according to local media.

During the exercise, Huang told the instructor that his head hurt and that he did not want to continue and at one point vomited, however, Ho repeatedly told him to get to his feet and go again, according to reports.

The incident was filmed by the boy’s uncle, who took him to his first classes after he expressed an interest in judo earlier that month, to show his mother that the sport may not be right for him.

The boy passed out around 9pm and became unresponsive, and the instructor called for an ambulance.

The seven-year-old victim was taken to Feng Yuan Hospital where doctors said his injuries resembled those of road accident victims and included severe intracranial haemorrhages.

An emergency craniotomy was carried out and doctors declared the boy as being in a “brain dead state” afterwards.

Doctors added that he would probably remain in a vegetative state for the rest of his life if he survived. However, they only gave him a slim chance of making it through.

Two months after he went into a coma, Huang’s parents agreed to take him off life support.

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