Seaside home of British painter John Miller goes on sale for £1.7m

Idyllic seaside home and studio of British painter John Miller whose work featured on Chris Rea’s King Of The Beach album goes on sale for £1.7m

  • Picturesque four-bedroom Ferrymans Rest alongside two-bedroom Beach House is on sale for £1.7million
  • The Cornwall property, which also has private steps to the beach, was the home of famous artist John Miller
  • He painted scenes of the turquoise Hayle estuary, St Ives bay and white sand beach from the house
  • Striking blue and white artworks by him have gone on to be displayed at the Victoria and Albert museum 

The idyllic seaside home and art studio of a British painter, famous for painting vivid scenes of Cornish beaches, has gone on sale for £1.7million.

John Miller painted simple but striking blue and white images of the turquoise Hayle estuary, St Ives bay and Porthkidney beach surrounding his home, along with other Cornish scenes, which ended up being displayed in the Victoria and Albert Museum, Truro cathedral and at private Soho-based club Groucho. 

One of his artworks was even used by Grammy award nominee Chris Rea, for the cover of his album King Of The Beach.

The esteemed artist’s four-bedroom Ferrymans Rest and two-bedroom Beach House art studio, where he painted many of his stunning pictures, have now been put up for sale with Marshall’s estate agents.

After he died in 2002 the main property was divided into two guesthouses. As well as three bathrooms and a kitchen the artist’s estate also has private steps that lead down to the white sand on Porthkidney beach. 

The isolated property is located behind the West Cornwall Golf Club and iconic St Uny’s Church. 

A director at Marshall’s, Zoe Kent, said both houses are currently holiday lets and ‘do very well’.

‘They are joined together so the new owner could make it into one big house easily.

‘It is a remote location and the views are to die for. It is a stunning place to experience the special light of St Ives Bay which attracts so many artists.’

Born in London in 1931, John decided to move to Cornwall in 1958 after visiting the St Buryan Church for an exam earlier that decade.

He was elected to the Newlyn Society of Artists in 1961, and became a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 1964, but only began to establish a reputation with the wider public following his first solo exhibition in Penzance in 1974, from which he began to hold exhibitions in London, New York, Vancouver and several European cities.

A year before his death he held his first major exhibition at the Portland gallery in London in June 2001. 

The waterfront home of British artist John Miller has gone on the market with Marshall’s estate agents for £1.7million. The four-bedroom Ferrymans Rest bungalow is pictured here just behind the two-bedroom Beach House at the property which overlooks the river Hayle estuary, Cornwall

John Miller, who was born in London in 1931, decided to move out to Cornwall after visiting a church in the area for an exam in the 1950s. He moved to the area in 1958 and later came to call this property his home

The Ferrymans Rest also boasts a large dining area with panoramic views out over the estuary and St Ives bay. John used them for inspiration in his simple but striking blue and white paintings of the bay that went on to be displayed in the Portland Gallery and the Victoria and Albert museum, among others

A walkthrough kitchen and dining area in one of the properties. After the esteemed artist’s death in 2002 the property was divided into two guesthouses which are let out to holidaymakers

The stunning view of the turquoise water in the Hayle estuary and St Ives bay from one of the bedrooms. The current owners have decided to sell the property which, according to Zoe Kent from Marshall’s estate agents, ‘do very well’

The combined dining, kitchen and living room area in one of the houses. The Ferrymans Rest is a single-storey bungalow while the Beach House is two-storeys. The second house was previously used as an art studio by the painter before his death

The inside of each house is well lit by natural light (pictured here) due to the large windows providing panoramic views across the bay. Behind the isolated houses there is the St Uny’s church and West Cornish Golf Club

A view out to sea from the properties. The two houses are in an isolated area of the bay where the river meets the sea

The property also has private steps that lead down to the white sandy Porthkidney beach, where further stunning views of the picturesque landscape are visible. John Miller painted the beach as well as the Hayle estuary and bay of St Ives

A galley kitchen in one of the properties. The scenery around the property inspired John Miller’s artwork which went on to be displayed in the Victoria and Albert museum, London, the Portland Gallery and Truro Cathedral

One of the six-bedrooms that are in the property. A new owner could knock through the wall to create one large house, suggested the estate agents. They added that the property is in ‘a remote location and the views are to die for. It is a stunning place to experience the special light of St Ives Bay which attracts so many artists’

The Ferrymans Rest and Beach House standing on the beachfront and peering out over the turquoise coloured Hayle estuary

An aerial shot shows the isolated property next to the idyllic Hayle estuary and white sand of Porthkidney beach

A ground floor plan of the Ferrymans Rest. It is being sold for £1.7million through Marshall’s estate agents alongside the other house that makes up the Cornish estate

A ground floor and first floor plan of the second house, the Beach House. It contains one large living room, two bedrooms and one bathroom. There is also a utility cupboard

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