Severe thunderstorms to rock NYC and Northeast

A cold front is bearing down on the tri-state area — ushering in heavy storms and pounding rain in the Big Apple and across the Northeast late Wednesday, according to forecasters.

“Severe thunderstorms will be possible from Montreal, Canada, down through Syracuse, New York, with severe weather approaching the I-95 corridor by Wednesday evening,” AccuWeather meteorologist Ryan Adamson warned.

The storms will threaten about 100,000 heavily populated square miles, putting over 60 million residents in harm’s way.

“The greatest risk to lives and property may come from the potential for falling trees, due to the saturated state of the ground,” senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said.

“The trees have drawn up a great deal of water, but the ground remains saturated. The trees are literally top heavy now, so any moderate gust of wind can knock them over,” he said.

And driving may be treacherous — visibility on roads between Washington, DC, and New York is expected to be just a few hundred feet.

Unseasonably cold air behind the storm system will clash with the moist, muggy air, providing the fuel required to unleash more widespread, destructive storms.

Wednesday will be warm and humid, with a high of 81 degrees and a low of 60. Thunderstorms are expected to hit by 6 p.m.

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