Shake-up of BBC promised by Culture Secretary cannot come soon enough

Beeb is sending all wrong signals

THE shake-up of the BBC promised by Nadine Dorries cannot come soon enough.

The Culture Secretary’s plan to freeze the £159 annual licence fee for two years is an excellent start.

Director General Tim Davie has been bleating that this will force massive cuts to programming and job losses.

But as we reveal today, the broadcaster is still wasting millions of pounds of licence fee funds on absurd woke projects.

On £525,000-a-year Mr Davie’s watch, the Corporation has taken on yet more bosses on eye- watering wages.

One diversity champion takes home a whopping £267,000 a year for a three-day week.

Having already set aside £12million of its Radio and Music budget for virtue-signalling content, the Beeb claims: “That is just the start.”

Meanwhile, it promotes woke podcasts while censoring “politically incorrect” jokes in classic shows.

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The tragedy of it all is that the Corporation’s efforts to prove it is “relevant” to the younger generation may be in vain.

They are switching in droves to Netflix and Amazon anyway.

More and more will wonder why they should pay the BBC’s outdated licence fee when they never tune into it.

Surely the time has come to switch off the Beeb’s mandatory tap of cash.

PM’s fate a Gray area

BORIS Johnson is holed up at Chequers this weekend, awaiting civil servant Sue Gray’s make-or-break verdict on Downing Street lockdown parties with trepidation.

But before MPs and voters rush to judgment, they should remember his very real achievements.

After the crippling paralysis of Theresa May’s regime, Boris promised Brexit and delivered.

He then won a stonking 80-seat majority in the 2019 General Election.

He nearly died from Covid but bounced back — much like the British economy under his leadership.

His world-beating vaccine roll-out has allowed the UK to lead Europe out of the pandemic.

All this in the face of hysterical abuse from the Opposition and sniping from MPs who owe their careers to his verve.

Yes, he has made many mistakes and has been too slow to apologise.

But when looking at the ledger, the Tory MPs who will decide the PM’s fate will need to consider his achievements, too, and the fact it was his vision of levelling up that Red Wall constituencies voted for.

The UK needs a Government focused on the everyday concerns of voters — such as the terrifying cost-of-living crisis.

BoJo needs to show that he is still capable of seizing the day.

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