Shocking bodycam video shows Capitol rioters trample over dying Georgia woman, 34, who brought 'don't tread on me' flag

SHOCKING bodycam footage shows Capitol rioters trampling over a dying Georgia woman who had brought a "Don't Tread on Me" flag to the MAGA siege.

The violent video shows rioters hurtling over the woman, who later died, to beat Capitol police officers with items like a hockey stick and a crutch.

The victim, Rosanne Boyland, 34, can be seen on the ground as a friend, identified as Justin Winchell, repeatedly tries to scream for help.

The disturbing footage shows Boyland on the ground, apparently unresponsive, as Winchell screams that she is "going to die" and that they need help.

The video was apparently captured on the bodycam of a police officer who was dragged outside the Capitol building on January 6, when a mob of Donald Trump's supporters stormed the building and violently clashed with cops.

The footage was shown in court on January 25 in a case against Michael Joseph Foy, who authorities believe is the man seen in the video beating a cop with a hockey stick, according to The Daily Mail.

Foy is accused of striking an office with the stick at least ten times in the span of 16 seconds.

Though the footage shows rioters blatantly ignoring Winchell's pleas for help, others eventually helped moved Boyland off the steps and inside the Capitol building where a paramedic could reach her.

She was pronounced dead at a hospital at 6pm that night, less than two hours after the footage was filmed.

The official cause of death is still pending, but the footage does suggest that Boyland may have been crushed to death.

In a horrible twist of irony, pictures from the day show Boyland was holding a "Don't Tread on Me" flag in the momentsbefore her death.

The Gadsden flag was originally used for war propaganda in the American Revolution. Today, it is often used to signify support for limiting government and other right-wing causes.

In an interview with CBS46, Winchell said that he believes his friend was killed by groups like Antifa, who he claims had been sent in to incite the Capitol riots.

"People were there to start stuff, but it wasn't supposed to be a violent event," he said.

"They basically created a panic, and the police, in turn, push back on them, so people start falling.

"I put my arm underneath her and was pulling her out and then another guy fell on top of her, and another guy was just walking [on top of her] … there were people stacked 2-3 deep," he added.

Boyland's family, however, seems to believe that it was former President Trump's speech before the riot then ultimately led to her death.

They told the New York Post that she had a drug problem and was in recovery when she got wrapped up in the QAnon conspiracy theory, and started backing Trump's claims that Joe Biden stole the election.

She had promised her family before heading to DC on January 6 that she would not get involved in anything violent.

Boyland was one of five people who died in the Capitol riots.

One Capitol police officer, Brian Sidenick, was among those killed.

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