Shocking moment plane crashes and erupted into massive fireball killing models on Arizona golf course

Footage shot from a traffic camera shows the aircraft zooming into the frame at high speed before the wings turn on a 90 degree angle.

Six people including two models had been flying from Arizona on April 9 and were heading to Las Vegas.

The footage has been released today as an investigation gets underway.

An aviation expert has suggested the plane crashed because it was unevenly loaded or even exceeding the weight limit.

A preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board said the wings were “nearly vertical” ahead of the crash.

Instagram model and part-time horse trainer Mariah Coogan, 23, was one of those who perished.

Taking off on the doomed flight, she shared videos of her flight to her Instagram page.

She pictures nightlife promoter Anand “Happy” Patel, 26.

Miss Coogan had amassed a large social media following of 27,000 as she pursued a modelling career.

Paying tribute, her former teacher told The Republic: “She was eager for adventure, and I always found her easy to speak with.”

Another pal said: “She's just a free spirit, fun loving person.

“She just didn't have a negative bone in her body, just the most positive girl I've ever met.”

Pilot Erik Valente, 26, is not thought to have caused the crash.

Pals say he was an experienced pilot with more than 4,500 flying hours under his belt.


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