Shocking Video Shows Guest Begging For Concert to be be stopped

Shocking moment Houston cops drop unconscious woman on her HEAD while pulling her out of Travis Scott crowd crush: Video emerges of distraught fan begging crew to stop show because ‘someone had died’

  • An unconscious woman being carried away from the chaotic scene by stretcher slid off the bed and landed headfirst on the pavement, a video shows
  • Other footage shows fans begging stage crew to stop the show, yelling over the music ‘There is someone dead in there. Someone is dead’
  • Eight people died and several others were injured after fans rushed the stage during Travis Baker’s Astroworld performance in Houston, Texas, on Friday
  • Video circulating on Twitter shows fans begging the rapper to stop performing and chanting ‘stop the show’ 
  • Concertgoers aged 14 to 27 who were among those killed during Scott’s show
  • Scott, 29, has a history of inciting mayhem at his notoriously rowdy concerts
  • He’s previously pled guilty twice to disorderly and reckless conduct charges 

A woman carried from Travis Baker’s doomed Astroworld concert by stretcher was dropped on her head by police trying to evacuate victims from the show, while fans implored stagehands to stop the performance as the death toll began mounting.

Video shows the unidentified woman, who appears unconscious, sliding off the stretcher and landing on her head as overstretched rescuers rushed to help those injured after fans stampeded the stage Friday, killing eight people.

Onlookers gasped in the video, posted on Twitter, as the woman crashed to the pavement.

Meanwhile, another video shows fans begging the stage crew to halt Baker’s performance, screaming: ‘There is somebody dead in there. There is someone dead.’

Crew members appeared apathetic and ignored fans in the video posted to TikTok, which shows a cameraman continuing to operate his equipment as fans beg him to help. 

An unconscious woman, who was injured after the crowd stormed the stage, is seen lying on the ground after she is dropped from a stretcher

She slid off the bed as Houston police were carrying her away from the deadly concert

Shocking video shows a woman imploring a cameraman to stop the show, telling him ‘There is somebody dead in there’ The crew member dismisses his concerns as he continues filming

Another fan jumps on stage and screams ‘stop the show’ as the death toll began mounting during rapper Travis Scott’s Astroworld performance in Houston, Texas on Friday

Rapper Travis Scott was reportedly ‘beside himself’ after learning eight people died and others were injured during his performance Friday during  the Astroworld festival in Houston, Texas

 ‘Stop the show,’ another fan cried.

Video circulating on Twitter shows fans begging the rapper to stop performing and chanting ‘stop the show’ as concertgoers were being knocked down and crushed by other attendees.

‘Fans were recording the concert and people doing CPR. Fans were yelling at the stage crew around us, saying stop the concert, people are dying. No one listened,’ ICU nurse and concert attendee Madeline Eskins told Rolling Stone.

‘It was definitely overcrowded. It was insane, honestly. I knew it was just way too crowded – it just got worse and worse as I got closer to Travis Scott performing it got more crowded, more crowded, more crowded.’

She also shared that although they are not to blame for the tragedy, the event’s medical staff were apparently unprepared and inexperienced.

‘Some of these medical staff had little to no experience with CPR – didn’t know how to check a pulse, carotid or femoral,’ Eskins shared on Instagram.

A concertgoer said the emergency crew on hand were not prepared to respond to an emergency of such a magnitude, adding some didn’t know how to do CPR or check for a pulse

The tragedy happened after fans rushed the stage during a concert attended by about 50,000 people, authorities said. A ‘mass casualty incident’ was declared shortly after 9pm

Madeline Eskins, an ICU nurse who went to Friday’s Travis Scott show, shared her perspective after she fainted and ended up backstage

‘Compressions were being done without a pulse check so ppl who had a pulse were getting CPR, but meanwhile there was not enough people to rotate out doing compressions on individuals that were actually pulseless. 

‘The medical staff didn’t have the tools to do their jobs and despite the crowd around us trying to get someone to stop the concert they just kept going, even though Travis acknowledged that someone in the crowed needed an ambulance.’

Afterward, the rapper was seen sobbing. A source close to him told Page Six that he had ‘no idea what was going on, he was on stage performing’.

‘He’s beside himself, I’ve never heard him like that. He was in tears,’ the source added.

Around 2pm Friday, hundreds of fans stormed the festival’s VIP entrance. Seven hours later, the surge in front of the main stage killed eight people

Although there was no indication that Scott encouraged fans to rush the stage during Friday night’s show, he has been convicted on two previous occasions for goading concertgoers.

A fan who was paralyzed after falling from a balcony during a Scott concert in 2017 has blasted the singer in Rolling Stone for putting fans’ safety at risk.

A lawyer for Kyle Green, a 27-year-old who was injured at Scott’s April 2017 concert at Terminal 5 in New York City, says that Green was ‘devastated and heartbroken’ for the families of the eight people who died at Scott’s Friday night concert.

Green says he was forced over the edge of a balcony at the venue, which he called ‘severely crowded.’ He broke several bones and vertebrae and can only walk with a ‘significant, significant disability.’

‘He’s even more incensed by the fact that it could have been avoided had Travis learned his lesson in the past and changed his attitude about inciting people to behave in such a reckless manner,’ attorney Howard Hershenhorn told Rolling Stone.

At the show, Scott had encouraged another fan to jump off the balcony.

‘I see you, but are you gonna do it?’ Scot asked. ‘They gonna catch you. Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared!’

Kyle Green, 27, was left partially paralyzed at a Travis Scott show after Scott encouraged another fan to jump off a balcony. He says Friday’s deaths could have been avoided ‘had Travis learned his lesson’

ARKANSAS 2017: Scott encouraged fans to go past security and rush the stage at a May 2017 show in Arkansas. He pled guilty to disorderly conduct the next year

NYC 2017: Green ended up partially paralyzed after cracking several vertebrae when rowdy fans rushed the balcony of Terminal 5 in New York in May 2017. Scott egged one fan to jump. In video of the incident, one concertgoer can be heard saying, ‘I don’t wanna die in here.’

In video of the incident, one fan can be heard saying, ‘I don’t wanna die in here.’

Green sued Scott, his manager, concert promoter Bowery Presents and a security company six months after the incident, while he was still confined to a wheelchair. The case is pending.

In August 2015, the 29-year-old, who is dating Kylie Jenner, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of reckless conduct after his fans jumped a security barricade at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.

In February 2018, Scott pled guilty to another misdemeanor charge – this one for disorderly conduct – after he encouraged his fans to rush the stage and bypass security at a May 2017 concert at the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion in the city of Rogers.

Scott paid a $7,465 fine after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct for encouraging fans to rush the stage at a May 2017 concert in Arkansas

Concertgoers aged 14 to 27 who were among those killed at Scott’s Astroworld festival.

One victim’s brother slammed the ‘poorly’ managed event ran by ‘horrible’ people.

Danish Baig, 27, was one of people who died after a surge at the concert. University of Dayton student Franco Patino, 21, a senior, also died at day one of the Astroworld festival at NRG Park in Houston, Texas, the school said.

John Hilgert, 14, was the youngest victim of the horrific crush which killed eight people at Friday night’s Astroworld Festival in Houston

Brianna Rodriguez, 16, (left) was a dancer and junior in high school. Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Pena, 23,(right)  was an aspiring model and dreamed of one day being a US Border Patrol agent. He died of cardiac arrest

Although he completed his 75-minute performance, at one point Scott was filmed calling for help. In another video he stood on a platform with his microphone while chaos unfolded beneath him

Baig was killed after trying to save a relative during the stampede at the concert, his brother Basil Baig confirmed on Facebook.

‘My brother was killed in this horrendous Astroworld event that was managed poorly and supervised by such horrible people,’ Basil wrote on Facebook.

He commended his late brother for his ‘courageous act’ and called him a ‘beautiful soul.’

Others whose deaths have been confirmed to various news outlets are 14-year-old John Hilgert, 16-year-old Brianna Rodriguez and Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Peña, 23.

‘My brother tried to save my sister in law from these horrendous acts that were being done to her in the process he lost his life,’ Basil wrote.

‘My brother Danish Baig [is] a beautiful soul whos[e] smile would light up the room and put everyone before himself. Last night he showed his courageous act to save my sister in law from those horrendous things that were being done.

‘I was there and I wasn’t able to save my brother.’

Brianna (right), pictured with her mother, was killed at the event 

Basil reported that people were ‘hitting,’ ‘pushing’ and ‘shoving’ and ‘did not care for anyone’s life.’

He also alleged that superstar rapper and baby daddy to Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi ‘provoked these people and made them do just that [stampede] and more he called people to the stage to jump into the crowd and did not stop the show.’

Basil also said this was not the end my family and I will go to the Full extent to make sure he is brought to justice.’

University of Dayton student Franco Patino, 21, also died at the event.

Patino was a huge fan of the rapper and travelled from Southern Ohio to Houston for the event with his best friend to celebrate his friend’s birthday, according to WGN9.

21-year-old Patino was a student at the University of Dayton in southern Ohio, where he studied engineering 

The college senior was studying engineering and was a member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the Alpha Psi Lambda.

Patino was a part of the society’s special interest house, which he worked with fellow student Andy Prieto to create.

‘Andy and I worked together day and night to make this dream come true because we believed it was a necessity to have a house for Hispanics to come together and have a little piece of familiar culture in a predominantly white institution,’ Patino said in an article about the society on the university’s website.

Security officers are seen during the music festival in an image posted to social media

Further events at the Astroworld music festival were cancelled following the tragic incident

John Hilgret, 14, of Hunters Creek Village, was the youngest person to die at the concert. His death was confirmed on Saturday by officials at Memorial High School, where he was a freshman student.

Hilgret attended Friday’s concert with his long-time friend, Robby Hendrix, 15.

Hendrix’s mother, Tracy Faulkner, bought her son’s ticket it for his birthday and ‘ultimately regrets the decision.’

‘Everything about that night was a tragedy,’ Faulkner told the Houston Chronicle. ‘They were both in the same place at the same time and one came home and one we will never see.’

She said Hilgret and Hendrix had known each other for years and played football together.

Pena died of cardiac arrest after being injured at the show 


‘John was a good student and athlete and so polite. He was the sweetest and smartest young man,’ she shared.

Two others were identified by their families to have died at the tragic event.

Brianna Rodriguez, 16, People confirmed, and Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Peña, 23, confirmed by the Laredo Morning Times, were among the eight.

On Saturday, the family of 16-year-old Brianna Rodriguez confirmed that she was one of the eight victims who died

Rodriguez was a dancer and a junior in high school.

‘Gone from our sites, but never from our hearts,’ her wrote family on Facebook.

Her family started a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses. It has raised $8,910 out of its $30,000 goal.

Pena was an aspiring model and had dreams of becoming a U.S. Border Patrol agent, according to USA Today.

Pena drove five hours from Laredo to Houston with his friends to attend the show, where he died of cardiac arrest.

Scott shared a message on his Instagram on Saturday, where he told fans he was ‘devastated’ and was ‘working closely with authorities’ 

Pena’s sister told the Laredo Morning Times: ‘My brother was the sweetest person, friendly, outgoing, he had many friends because he was always there for everyone. Yes, he was a big fan of Travis, he loved his music.’

Approximately 50,000 people attended the sold-out Astroworld Festival at NRG Park on Friday. Witnesses said the chaos broke out after Scott took the stage to perform.

The surge happened at 9:15 p.m. and the ‘mass casualty incident’ was declared at that time. Nearly an hour later, at 10:10 p.m., the concert producer Live Nation halted the show.

According to the Houston Chronicle Friday’s deadly incident was not the first time the concert’s producer Live Nation Worldwide and Live Nation Entertainment has come under scrutiny for OSHA safety and antitrust violations.

An ambulance is seen in the crowd during Scott’s performance  


The live-entertainment company – which puts on 40,000 shows per year, according to its website, and which Billboard has cited as the world’s largest – has faced charges relating to 16 violations and has paid more than $83million in penalties.

Scott spoke about the event on his Instagram on Saturday, stating that he was ‘devastated’ and is working closely with authorities.

‘My fans really mean the world to me and I always want to leave them with a positive experience,’ Scott, 29, said on his Instagram stories Saturday.

‘Anytime I can make out anything that’s going on, ya know, I stop the show and you know, help them get the help they need. I could just never imagine the severity of the situation.’

The crowd at the Houston-based music festival surged toward the stage during Scott’s performance, knocking other concertgoers over and squeezing them together so tightly that they could not breathe or move their arms.

‘To the ones that was lost last night, we’re working right now to ID the families so we can help assist them through this tough time,’ the rapper shared.

‘I’m honestly just devastated… I could never imagine anything like this just happening.’

Scott said he is working closely with local authorities as they investigate the crowd surge and encouraged anyone with information about the deadly incident.

He promised his followers he would continue to keep them informed about the investigation and told them: ‘Every just continue to keep your prayers.’

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