Shop worker hilariously tries making a face mask out of a sock

One heel of a creation! Shop worker tries making a face mask out of a sock but it goes hilariously wrong

  • Helen Campagna, from Irvine, North Ayrshire, shared video of Carolann Hitchell 
  • Large amount of the sock ends up in her mouth as mask doesn’t work properly 
  • Hilarious clip of the grandmother’s creation been viewed more than 4000 times  
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

The hilarious moment a shop worker shares her attempt at making a homemade face mask out of an old sock and is left in fits of laughter. 

Carolann Hitchell sent a video to her niece, Helen Campagna, from Irvine, North Ayrshire, showing off her new creation which she hoped could help protect her from coronavirus.

But the makeshift protective gear does not quite go to plan and the grandmother is somehow left with lots of the fabric inside her mouth. 

Carolann Hitchell was left in hysterics in a video she sent to her niece, Helen Campagna, from Irvine, North Ayrshire, showing off her new facemask creation

Ms Hitchell, who is described by her niece as a ‘crack pot’, begins the recording by saying she had to share what she had made with the old sock. 

She said: ‘Helen, I need to show you this because I can’t stop laughing and I know you’ll appreciate it.’

Speaking between bouts of hysterics the retail worker explains that she had seen people making masks out of socks and thought she would give it a go. 

Ms Hitchell disappears off-screen while she puts on the hilarious makeshift cover saying: ‘Are you ready for this?’

But much to the surprise of viewers she comes back into shot with the mask which is covering her nose and mouth but is also comically inside her mouth too. 

The grandmother cannot stop laughing at her hilarious attempt to make a protective mask 

The funny video of Ms Hitchell has been watched on Facebook more than 4000 times

The striped pink sock looks like a puppet’s mouth as Ms Hitchell chuckles to herself saying she is not sure how she was meant to make it. 

The funny video was shared on Facebook by Ms Campagna on Saturday and has been viewed more than 4,000 times.  

Ms Hitchell commented: ‘So glad I could cheer you all up. I was having a really bad day until I done this and looked in the mirror. Then I couldn’t stop laughing. Thank you everyone. Keep smiling. Stay Strong.’   

People across the world have been taking matters into their own hands and making homemade masks to try and prevent them from contracting coronavirus and several have also shared their unique designs online. 

Ms Hitchell appears to be attempting to recreate a version of the sock masks a woman designed to cover her mouth. 

In a 20-second instructional video she shows people how she creates the homemade cover by cutting a trainer sock in half before folding it and making a few cuts in it with scissors.

The holes made in the sock are used to hook the mask over the woman’s ears. 

Dr Ellie Cannon, the Daily Mail GP, is also urging everyone to wear a face covering in public and shared a detailed tutorial on how to make a protective mask using an old T-shirt. 

She said if people who are infected with coronavirus wear a simple cloth mask it could stop droplets being expelled and help halt the spread of the virus.  

It’s so easy anyone can do it 

Don’t rush online to stockpile masks. You can make your own – just follow these easy steps. Making effective masks is simple, and you will be saving surgical ones for the NHS staff who really need them. All you need for your DIY mask are two elastic bands and a T-shirt that you don’t mind cutting up. Or you can use an old scarf or tea towel. 

1. Cut up an old T-shirt into a rectangle measuring roughly 40cm by 30cm. Lay it on a table, with one of the shorter sides closest to you

2. Holding the bottom two corners, fold the fabric up into the middle. Then, holding the top two corners, fold the fabric down into the middle. Repeat this again, so you are left with a thin rectangle

3. Place an elastic band around each end of the fabric, about 3cm in. Choose two bands the same size – you might have to try a few before finding the right fit for you. Fold the ends of the fabric over the elastic bands, so they are facing inwards

4. To put on the mask, place your fingers through the elastic bands on either side. Raise the mask to your face and hook one band over each ear. It should fit snugly against the sides of your face, over your mouth and nose, with no gaps

  • A mask is not a substitute for social distancing and hand hygiene, but should be part of the mix.
  • Get a comfortable fit. If it’s comfortable, you’re less like to fiddle with it.
  • Adjust your mask before you leave the house. After that, do not touch its outside again.
  • Wear in public settings where distancing is difficult to maintain – supermarkets, pharmacies and on public transport, for instance. Public-health expert Prof Greenhalgh recommends wearing one at all times while you are out of the house, particularly while exercising.
  • To remove it, unhook and take care not to touch the outside, then wash your hands.
  • If you do need to take it off while you’re out of the house, and find it’s damp, don’t reuse it – put on a fresh one.
  • Wash after every use if possible, at a high temperature. 

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