Singer has ‘world’s oldest balloon’ — bought for his parents 26 years ago

An entertainer believes he has the world’s oldest balloon — the same one bought for his parents 26 years ago to celebrate his birth.

Jordan Lynam’s little balloon bears the slogan "It’s a Boy" and is part of an ornament covered with photos of Jordan as a newborn.

His aunt gave his mum Natalie Clarke the gift back in 1992 — and the balloon has refused to burst or deflate since, Birmingham Live reports.

Hot cigarette ash has been dropped on the blue balloon, it has been squeezed into house removal boxes and spent years in attics for more than two decades.

But Jordan, a singer and rapper, is delighted it hasn’t popped.

Now, he is going to contact Guinness World Records about what he reckons is the oldest balloon in the world.

"It’s a God-given gift," Jordan, from Castle Vale, Birmingham, said.

“It is still full of life and full to the brim with gas. It’s only a small balloon, about the size of a tennis ball, but it was that size when it was bought.

“We have had three house removals and it has been stuck in the loft for years. Cigarette ends have been dropped on it, yet it’s still here – and I think that’s a record.

"I’ve read about a woman with an old balloon, but I’ve got a year on her."

There were actually two balloons bought when Jordan was born.

The other one lasted years, but eventually proved a let-down.

"I’m scared to death of someone treading on it. I’m a nervous wreck when someone lights a cigarette," Jordan continued.

Last year, David and Yvonne Freeborn, from Bromley, Kent, laid claim to the title with a 26-year-old balloon.

That was purchased to celebrate the birth of their daughter, Sophie.

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