Skegness’ famous Jolly Fisherman mascot faces axe after 112 years – The Sun

THE famous Skegness Jolly Fisherman mascot is facing the axe after 112 years.

Health and safety rules mean volunteers can spend only 20 minutes a time inside the costume.

They also need a minder and there are hygiene risks if more than one person dresses up in it, officials say.

Locals in the Lincolnshire seaside town are furious.

Mayor Mark Dannatt said: “Jolly is the face of Skegness.

“This shouldn’t even be being discussed and I will fight to save him.”

And John Byford said: “Jolly is not just our town mascot, he’s a crowd puller.

"He may be 112, but he’s not ready to hang his boots up yet.”

Jolly, created as a railway ad poster in 1908, had been operated by a business group to greet locals and visitors but has been returned to the council.

Chiefs pointed to a lack of funds, no storage space for the costume and a dwindling number of volunteers. Councillors are due to discuss the issue tomorrow.

A report states: “The resource and cost of operating Jolly (if done properly) is more than many will imagine.”

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