Softening Brexit further in a desperate plea for Labour votes will be the final nail in PM's coffin

This suicidally insane strategy is being proposed by, you guessed it, Remainers inside and outside Cabinet.

Her deal is already toxic to Brexiter backbenchers and the DUP on whom she relies for power. Cave in to Remainers further, for example over a permanent customs union tying us to the EU forever, and the Government is kaput.

The PM’s only solution after defeat on Tuesday is to return immediately to Brussels, preferably with DUP chief Arlene Foster, and tell the EU it’s now or never for a legally-binding assurance on the Irish backstop.

It should be enough for the DUP and maybe Tory eurosceptics faced with the real threat of Brexit never happening.

Here’s a stark reminder for delusional Cabinet europhiles:

When they triggered Article 50 they voted for the possibility of No Deal, however unpalatable they now consider it. They also backed a binding referendum and a Tory manifesto promising to leave the single market and customs union.

And they should remember this: their own anti-Brexit prejudices do not matter a damn. What DOES is the Leave verdict of the 17.4million majority and most Tory voters and members.

If this Remainer-stuffed Government nullifies or destroys Brexit they can kiss goodbye to their jobs and their party.

They will have gifted everything, our economy and our national security, to Corbyn’s anti-western Marxist rabble.

 Britain will never forgive them.

Are EU serious?

OUR economy may be slowing a little . . . but the eurozone is in meltdown.

Germany, its powerhouse, is close to recession. Italy is almost certainly there already. France is struggling. The EU is crumbling economically and politically.

Yet Remainers choose THIS moment to fight a rearguard action to stay in it.

Magic Murray

OUR hearts broke along with Sir Andy Murray’s yesterday. He will retire a true legend, Britain’s greatest modern sportsman.

He didn’t have the greatest start with the English public years ago. But, ever since, he has been a fantastic and dignified role model and a world-class star who has brought joy to millions.

Knighted at 29, Sports Personality of the Year three times, Andy twice won both Wimbledon and Olympic gold. At the 2012 US Open he became the first British man since 1936 to take a Grand Slam singles title. And all of it achieved against history’s two finest players.

Injury has robbed him of more — but he has a whole new life ahead and The Sun wishes him every success.

Thanks, Andy. You made Scotland, and all of Britain, proud.

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