Starbucks barista falls after she throws sack of coffee over shoulder

At least she had a soft landing! Moment Starbucks barista topples over backwards as she throws sack of coffee over her shoulder

  • A barista fell like a bowling pin after throwing a sack of coffee over her shoulder
  • The hilarious footage was filmed behind a Starbucks counter in Tucson, Arizona
  • Chelsey Luker uploaded the video on Facebook and it has 1.7million shares 

A barista thought she was showing her colleagues how it’s done when she hoisted a sack filled with coffee over her shoulder.

It should have been all in a day’s work for Chelsey Luker at a branch of Starbucks in Tucson, Arizona.

But gravity – and the weight of umpteen bags of ground coffee – had other ideas.

Chelsey Luker straightened her knees and lowered her back as she got ready for some heavy lifting, before swinging the sack over her

No sooner had Chelsey thrown the bag over her, then down she went in a spectacular drop she is unlikely ever to repeat.

But at least she had a soft landing.

Chelsea and her colleagues broke out into cahoots of laughter at the gaff, which was filmed by one employee and has since gone viral after being shared online.

She said: ‘I threw a bag of espresso grounds over my shoulder and fell back and landed on it. 

‘I made sure it was double bagged with really strong bags and tied up tightly to make sure nothing came out of it.’

Chelsey got the back over her shoulder but it was way too heavy, before toppling down like a bowling pin

No harm done: Chelsey and her colleagues then broke out into cahoots of laughter over the gaff

Luckily Chelsey, who is an enthusiastic mountain climber, was able to bounce right back up after her fall.

Footage of the video was shared over 1.7million times on Facebook and sent viewers into fits of laughter.

Addison Doyen posted: ‘Absolutely love this and relate 100%!!’

Darien Theo added: ‘Me any time I try to lift a heavy box.’

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