State Senator busted by speed cams now wants them removed

He feels the need to speed in school zones.

Brooklyn state Sen. Martin Golden is such a lead foot that he’s been nailed three times on speed cameras already this year — and now he’s trying to get those pesky recorders off the streets.

Golden’s Cadillac has racked up 14 speed-camera violations in school zones since 2014, according to city records, meaning it was recorded motoring 10 mph or more over the limit.

But the ex-cop who loves to promote his law-and-order bona fides has a novel solution to kicking his habit — he put forward a bill last week to pull the plug on the cameras and to fund stop signs and traffic signals instead.

Just a month earlier, the Bay Ridge Republican claimed he supports the school speed-camera program and would vote to continue and expand it when it expires on July 25.

Golden’s alternative — supported by Sens. Simcha Felder and Andrew Lanza — has already crashed and burned in Albany, and if the state Senate Republicans don’t back renewing the camera program, it will fizzle out entirely next month.

Golden’s gripe, he said in a tweet over the weekend, is that innocent vehicle owners are being slapped with the $50 fines.

“These violations are given to the owner of a car and not necessarily the person speeding behind the wheel since photo enforcement captures license plates to issue tickets,” he tweeted.

But Golden’s political opponents say his dirty driving record is proof he has no regard for pedestrians’ safety.

“He has more speed camera violations than 97 percent of New York City car owners. He keeps getting caught. He never wanted speed cameras,” said Andrew Gounardes, who is running in the September Democratic primary to challenge Golden in November.

Speed isn’t the only road rule the 67-year-old struggles with — he was issued about 30 other tickets in the past five years, including for running red lights, not feeding parking meters and parking in bus stops, according to city records.

He successfully challenged some of the tickets, records show, but it’s unclear how many.

And they don’t even account for all of his infractions.

One Bay Ridge resident snapped photos of Golden brazenly parking his Caddy in a bus stop on bustling 86th Street on June 9 — then driving away scot-free after exchanging fist bumps with a traffic agent.

Golden chatted with the agent, plastic shopping bags in hand, for several minutes — dropping the names of several people he knew and handing the agent his card before the pair knocked knuckles, the witness said.

Golden also faced no consequences when a cyclist accused him of impersonating a cop last year while his car was in a bike lane.

Neither Golden nor the NYPD returned calls for comment.

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