Stranger, 51, 'snatched girl, 2, from pram in park' before mum 'fought him off with bare hands'

A STRANGER "snatched a two-year-old girl from a pram in the park" before her mother fought him off with her bare hands, a court heard.

Mohamed Jarboui, 51, left the mother, 27 – who cannot be named for legal reasons – feeling "sick" after the alleged attack at Eastrop Park in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Jarboui, from Libya, has been accused of trying to snatch the toddler from the pram before attempting to run off with the whole buggy and the child inside just after 3.30pm on February 4.

He only failed at his attempts to take the tot – who has "significant health issues" – because she was safely strapped in.

The mother of the child, who can't be named for legal reasons, said: "I was shaking, I was sweating, I couldn't breathe, I felt sick to my stomach."

Prosecutor Edward Elton told Winchester Crown Court that Jarboui was caught three days later after police scoured CCTV.

The defendant claimed he was "playing" with the child.

The court heard how the mother noticed Jarboui several times as she walked through Basingstoke before he came over, knelt down and made "cooing noises" to the child.

She said: "He came up the right hand side of the pram and kneeled down at my daughter and started making all these cooing, babbling noises.

"He had his left hand on the latch. That's when the sick feeling started.

"He touched her face and I said 'please don't touch her' because obviously my daughter is of a high risk.

"He said sorry and I thought he was going from that point."

She said she saw Jarboui grab the handles of the pram before he left them alone.

She said: "I started to have a really sick feeling. I started to look around and I was thinking there's no one around me, the businesses are all shut."

He returned, spoke Arabic to the child, then grabbed the child's arm as he tried to abduct her, it was heard.

The woman, from Basingstoke, added: "He stood over the pram and he stopped us, he started grabbing my daughter's right arm.

"I told him to stop dragging her like that and the next minute he put his hands under her arm pits.

"He seemed very proud of himself"

"I just hit him, I think I had my left hand on the left hand side of the pram… I screamed at him saying 'let go of my daughter'.

"He just dropped her, she was still in the pram, he couldn't get her out, then he came up to her right hand side… pushing me with his hip to get me away.

"He was working out different ways to get her out of the pram and then when he couldn't he just tried taking the whole pram and me with it.

"I was going through all these emotions… I was shaking, I was sweating, I couldn't breathe, I felt sick to my stomach."

Mr Elton said Jarboui claimed he wasn't trying to take the child.

Mr Elton said: "He said he had been interacting with the child in what was a perfectly acceptable way in his culture.

"[He said] he had no intention of taking the child away from her mother… he said he was playing with the child in a normal way."

The mother, who called her husband after the incident, told police when she first saw Jarboui he "seemed very proud of himself… like he was getting himself ready for something".

Jarboui, from Basingstoke, denies attempted child abduction.

The trial continues.

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