Swimmer dives into action to save boy from sinking boat in NJ

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A swimmer dove into action to rescue a child that was drowning in the water outside her Fayson Lakes, NJ, home on Sunday.

Jennifer Watson was alerted to the potential disaster when her dogs would not stop barking outside her home in the lakeside community, ABC 7 reports.

Two men and a young child were in a boat that was reportedly sinking into the frigid water.

“I saw like a boat, like in the middle — and it was like 3/4 of the way underwater,” Watson told the station.

“The dad was screaming, and he was like ‘help me, help me, I have my 3-year-old son.’”

A competitive swimmer since age 5, Watson quickly swam into action.

“I swam out to them and I grabbed the 3-year-old boy and swam back to shore,” Watson said, according to the report.

Watson’s neighbors on the lake told the station that the heroic swimmer’s compassionate stroke isn’t just confined to the water.

“Jen is a very selfless person, she’s been helping her mom since she was a teenager,” neighbor Colleen Lazarus said, according to the report.

Mother Lynne Watson suffers from multiple sclerosis and has been unable to walk for 10 years, the report said.

“Since she was about 14, she’s been the primary caregiver for her mom,” Lazurus told ABC. “Jen had an opportunity to go away to school, but she chose to stay home and help her mom.”

“Jennifer is the most wonderful, generous, compassionate, kind,” Lynne Watson told the station.

“She’s just so awesome,” her mother said.

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