Tattoo addict has number six CARVED into his scalp and plans to get the Devil's 666

 A BODY modification addict who is tattooed from head to toe has taken it to a new extreme – having a large number six carved out of his scalp.

Victor Hugo Peralta Rodriguez, 50, got a friend to cut out a section of skin to leave him permanently scarred – and he plans two more to make the fabled "number of the beast" 666.

Victor, from Uruguay, is covered in hundreds of tattoos by more than 80 artists around the world.

Even his eyeballs and genitals have been filled in with ink.

He also has piercings and other modifications such as star-shaped implants in his forehead.

Now the circus performer has undergone the latest of another kind of body art called "scarification".

It involves removing tissue to create an engraving in the skin.

The gothic-style numeral is the first of three he wants running across the side of his head to create a complete 666.

It is the called "number of the beast" in the Book of Revelation and is commonly associated with the Antichrist or the Devil.

Victor, who lives in Argentina, insists it holds no religious meaning for him – but he enjoys spiting those with faith.

He said: "The number six only, for me, has no meaning.

"I do the three sixes because I hate religious people and what they do doesn't interest me – for that reason I do it out of repudiation of the church.

"It was done by a colleague and friend here in Buenos Aires at my local Querubin Tattoo Studio.

“Performing one of the sixes took about an hour of work and due to a question of schedules, it could not be completed in a single session.

"The second and last session will be held shortly to complete the work.”

Victor said it was done under local anaesthetic but he still felt some pain as his tissue was removed.

He added: “I have already had seven scarifications and it is very likely that I will do others."


Victor has been a tattoo artist himself for 26 years and also has a circus act where he hangs from metal hooks piercing his skin.

Explaining his love of ink, he said: “From a very young age, I was attracted to colourful art.

"At the age of 13, I got my first tattoo, which was the word f*** on the fingers of my left hand, and I did it myself.

“Since then, I’ve never stopped tattooing myself, and today at 50 years old I have 95 per cent of my body tattooed including my tongue and genitals.”

Victor also has a number of other body modifications, including 11 subdermal implants, metal teeth, a split and tattooed tongue, various scarifications, lobe expansions and ear incisions.

He once had his scrotum pierced, but now only wears piercings in his septum, ears and nipple.

Victor said: “These days I do not have so many piercings.

"I had around 40 on my face a long time ago, but my favourite was the septum.”

The most painful tattoo was on the end of his penis, but says even that cannot compare to the agony of pigmenting his tongue.

He said: “That was very annoying and painful and made it difficult to breathe for a few hours.”

As for what his family and friends think of his look, Victor said: “They are used to seeing me like this.

"They have seen my transformation and encourage it.”

He added: “There are many people who do not agree with this style of life and criticise me for not understanding the taste of others.

“But I don't pay attention to them. I am unique, I do not want to look like anyone, they are my ideas and designs executed by friends.

“Today, I am a beautiful monster.”

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