Teacher, 15, beats ‘naughty’ boy before forcing him to eat food scraps

Underage kindergarten teacher, 15, beats ‘naughty’ pupils during lunchtime and forces one boy to eat food scraps as punishment

  • Girl, 15, hit multiple pupils and gave one child scraps to eat earlier this month 
  • She was fired after parents filed complaints to the kindergarten in central China 
  • But police said the teenager could not be punished as she is not yet 16 years old
  • China has seen several high-profile child abuse cases by their teachers this year

A 15-year-old girl illegally hired by a Chinese kindergarten to be a teacher has been accused of hitting her pupils and forcing them to eat food scraps as punishment. 

The underage teacher, known as Xiao Wen, has been caught on camera forcing a number of ‘naughty’ pupils to queue up to be beaten during lunchtime and feeding one of them with food scraps from a classmate on December 18.

Speaking to Chinese media, Xiao Wen claimed she gave the pupil scraps as she was worried he had not had enough food.  

Xiao Wen, a former teacher at the Zhangwu Central Kindergarten in central China, is seen punishing one boy (circled) during lunch time. The female teacher was found to be underage

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The kindergarten’s headmaster claimed to have sacked the teacher after parents filed complaints against her, but police said no punishment could be given to the teenager as she is not yet 16 years old, it is reported.  

The incident took place this month at the Zhangwu Central Kindergarten in the city of Anyang, central China’s Henan province. 

The state-run kindergarten is said to have around 140 pupils and 12 teachers. 

Mr Ma, the father of a pupil at the kindergarten, told Chinese news outlet Shangyou Xinwen that his son had been given a lunch meal which had been eaten by another child as punishment. 

The furious father said he discovered the situation after noticing that his five-year-old son, Xiao Lie, had not been able to sleep well at night. He also said that his son kept asking him to find a new kindergarten for him. 

After Mr Ma asked Xiao Lei what had happened, the boy told Mr Ma that he had been beaten by his teacher and told to eat his classmate’s leftover. 

A furious father accused that Xiao Wen had hit his five-year-old son and given him food scraps to eat as lunch. The teacher has been sacked by the kindergarten and investigated by police

The boy’s family and the kindergarten are trying to reach a settlement for the matters. Police said no punishment could be given to the teenage educator as she is not yet 16 years old

Apparently, Xiao Lei wasn’t the only pupil that had been penalised by the underage educator with harsh methods. 

Surveillance footage released by Chinese media shows her hitting one boy’s arm on December 6, dragging another boy by the ear on December 14 and beating Xiao Lei and two other boys on December 18.

More surprisingly, Mr Ma said after he pressed for information of the teacher, he discovered that she was only 12 years old according to her ID card – four years younger than the minimum working age of 16 in China. 

Police officers from the Anyang Public Security Bureau however claimed that the teacher was 15 years old and there had been a mistake on her ID records. Her mother also claimed so. 

Xiao Lei’s class teacher told Pear Video that Xiao Wen was fired the day after the incident occurred. 

She claimed: ‘The other child had only taken one bite into the food [that was given to Xiao Lei]. The teacher then took the food over and gave it to another pupil.’

China has seen several high-profile child abuse cases by kindergarten teachers this year. Last week, a former teacher of a high-end bilingual kindergarten in Beijing (pictured) was jailed for 18 months for jabbing her pupils with ‘needle-like objects’ in a case that shocked the country

The class teacher explained that there had been a shortage of teachers at the kindergarten, therefore Xiao Wen was hired without having her ID checked. 

Xiao Wen claimed that she was 18 during the interview, according to the class teacher who added ‘[Xiao Wen’s] life is poor, her mother is crippled and her father is mute’.

The kindergarten’s management said they were willing to bear the full responsibility. The kindergarten and Xiao Lei’s family are in the process of reaching a settlement.  

The physical and emotional abuse towards kindergarten pupils by their teachers are not uncommon in China. The country has seen several high-profile cases this year. 

Just last week, a former teacher of a high-end bilingual kindergarten in Beijing was jailed for 18 months for jabbing her pupils with ‘needle-like objects’. 

Last month, eight former employees of a day care centre in Shanghai were given a year to 18 months imprisonment for child abuse that included rubbing wasabi into children’s mouths.

Experts previously told South China Morning Post that abuse in Chinese schools was due to a mindset widely accepted in society that adults can use methods they themselves deem appropriate – like beating, scolding and emotional abuse or ‘cold violence’ – to control or educate children.

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