Teacher, 47, 'was beaten to death by her cage fighter boyfriend'

Teacher, 47, ‘who was beaten to death by her cage fighter boyfriend’ suffered 60 injuries in attack that also left her 15-year-old boy lover seriously injured with stab wounds, court hears

  • Paul Robson, 49, is accused of killing Caroline Kayll, 47, at her home last year  
  • Ms Kayll had 60 injuries and died from blunt force to her head in the attack 
  • Her underage lover suffered 45 injuries including stab wounds and bites 

A teacher was beaten to death by her cage fighter boyfriend and suffered 60 injuries in an attack that also left her 15-year-old boy lover seriously injured, a court heard.   

Paul Robson, 49, is alleged to have killed Caroline Kayll, 47, at her home in Linton, Northumberland, in November last year after blackmailing her over her sexual relationship with the 15-year-old.

A pathologist at Newcastle Crown Court told jurors Ms Kayll had 60 injuries and died from blunt force to her head.

Robson denies murdering Caroline and denies trying to murder the youth, who had 45 injuries, including stab wounds, slashes, chops and bites.

Pictured: Caroline Kayll, who died in hospital after attack in Linton, Northumberland on November 15

Robson claimed in a defence case statement that he was attacked from behind while talking to Ms Kayll. He said he came round from unconsciousness to find the youth standing over her as she lay motionless on the floor of her house last November.

But pathologist Dr Nigel Cooper, asked if Robson’s injuries match up with Robson’s own account, replied: ‘No they don’t.

‘Usually the victim has injuries worse than the assailant. There’s an enormous discrepancy in the number of injuries between (the boy) and Mr Robson. They are consistent with Robson being the assailant and (the youth) being the victim.’ 

Dr Cooper told the court Ms Kayll had a ‘catastrophic brain injury’. 

As well as multiple areas of bruising to various parts of her head, face, and body, arms and legs, there were cuts to both buttocks.  She also had fractures to both cheekbones.

She suffered multiple fractures to her eye socket and nose.  

Jealous ex-convict Paul Robson, 50, ‘carried out a vicious attack on Caroline Kayll, 47, and her teenager lover’

Her brain was found to have been badly damaged by a lack of blood and oxygen. It was also severely swollen, there was nerve fibre damage and a small amount of bleeding.

Referring to the neuropathologist’s report, Dr Cooper said: ‘He says severe force has been applied to Caroline’s head, including an action causing a violent rotational movement of the head.

‘The brain has twisted violently inside the head to cause the fibre damage.’

Referring to causation of the brain injuries, Dr Cooper said a pathologist believes someone kicked or stamped on her head.

He added that it would require a ‘severe’ level of force. 

Meanwhile, Dr Cooper said the youth suffered three stab wounds, 19 slashing or chopping injuries, a chop wound to his face with an underlying fracture, seven scratches or similar marks which may or may not have been caused by a sharp weapon and superficial puncture wounds from something used repeatedly, possibly scissors.

The jurors were shown pictures of Robson stopping off on his way from Glasgow

It is said he drove for three hours from Glasgow to Linton, having bought a locksmith’s bar, a magnetic GPS car tracker, screwdrivers, pliers, a wrench and ammonia

Here Robson is pictured with a drink bottle that he picked up on journey, Newcastle Crown Court heard

The teenager also had four bite marks to his arms and four blunt force injuries.

There were other indistinct injuries and injuries to his hands, including to tendons, which could have been defensive injuries.

Robson claims he was struck from behind while speaking to Ms Kayll.   

He said he recalls someone throttling him, doesn’t know how long he was unconscious and he came round dazed.

The statement said he saw the youth standing over Ms Kayll, who was lying motionless on the floor.

His defence statement added: ‘He said he chased (the youth) who ran upstairs. The defendant says (he) was in a rage, calling Caroline a liar and a c*** and he was trying to stab the defendant.

‘At one point he stabbed with such force his hand slipped down the hilt onto the blade.’

Shortly after this picture was takenn the powerfully-built defendant was seen on CCTV in heavy boots ‘prowling’ outside her house, the jury heard

The statement went on to say Robson disarmed the youth of the knife but that the youth was in a rage and forced him out of an ensuite bathroom and into the bedroom and that he ended up on top of Robson and was saying ‘she’s a f****** liar’.

It added: ‘He was intent on driving the scissors into the defendant’s face.

‘He bit him and managed to wrestle the scissors from him. He accepts stabbing him a number of times to subdue him.’

The statement went on: ‘The defendant dragged him downstairs. He then went to Caroline Kayll and realised a lot of her hair had been cut off.

‘The defendant attempted mouth to mouth but her mouth was full of blood.

Pictured: Police at the scene in November

‘He sprayed her face with a hose to clear away the hair and wash away the blood.

‘He tried mouth to mouth and put her in the recovery position.’

Robson then claimed the youth ‘came at him again’ with a meat cleaver but that he got the better of him and disarmed him He accepted he struck him a number of times with the knife but insisted he inflicted the injuries lawfully in self-defence.

Robson, of Howdon, Wallsend, denies murder, attempted murder and blackmail.

The trial continues.

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