Teen involved in Tessa Majors slaying pleads guilty to robbery

A teen involved in the slaying of Barnard College student Tessa Majors has pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery and faces up to 18 months in detention.

Zyairr Davis, 14 — who was charged with murder — copped to the robbery admitting that he helped two pals in the botched mugging of the 18-year-old college freshman at Morningside Park on December 11.

Davis admitted to passing a knife to Rashaun Weaver, 15, that Weaver allegedly used to fatally stab Majors — as Luchiano Lewis, 15, allegedly held Majors in a headlock.

From a video call, Davis admitted to a Family Court Judge Wednesday, “I was in Manhattan with Rashaun and Hoshie, we went to the park” — apparently referring to Lewis as “Hoshie.”

“We went to rob someone in the park. We saw Tessa Majors on the stairs. I picked up the knife and handed it to Rashaun,” a fidgety Davis mumbled into the camera.

“Rashaun went over and said something to Tessa Majors on the stairs. After that he stabbed her in the chest. She started yelling for help,” he continued.

“Rashaun and I followed her up the stairs. Rashaun used the knife I handed him and stabbed Tessa Majors. I saw blood and feathers coming out of her coat,” Davis said.

With the plea, Davis faces up to 18 months in detention at his June 15 sentencing. Davis will get credit for the time he’s already been in custody since his December arrest.

Weaver and Lewis’ cases on murder and robbery charges are still pending.

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