Tennessee teachers who have been exposed to COVID-19 allowed to return to class

Tennessee will allow teachers who have been exposed to the coronavirus to return to the classroom.

Gov. Bill Lee said school districts could adopt policies that classify educators as essential workers, according to the Nashville Tennessean.

The designation would allow teachers to go back to school even if they’ve been in close contact or living with someone who tested positive — as long as the staffers have no symptoms and wear a mask, the outlet said.

“The decision is the district’s and if they make that decision, then we have given them guidance that we believe they must follow, if they choose to make that decision,” Lee said.

Under the guidance, the faculty members also must be tested within four days of being exposed to the virus.

They also must self-quarantine while not in school and will not be allowed to attend any school athletic or extracurricular activities, the outlet reported.

Beth Brown, president of the Tennessee Education Association, described the plan as “quite alarming.”

“We know, one, this virus is not contained,” Brown told the Tennessee Lookout. “We know, two, active case rates are such that it is impossible to avoid. The idea that any district would allow a policy that would require anyone exposed to work is a problem.”

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