Terrifying monster-baby dolls whose eyes follow you around the room ‘brought to life’ by horror movie fanatic

Artist Julia Hamill has turned the creepy creations into a full-time job.

Founder of Okie Babies, Julia from Muskogee, Oklahoma, creates "reborn monster baby" dolls which merge hyper-realistic newborn detailing with freakish features such as fangs, scars and fur.

Made primarily from silicone, Julia adds real animal teeth into the dolls’ mouths to provide them with an even spookier edge.

But the most toe-curling characteristic comes from the eyes which follow their owners around the room.

Selling from anywhere between £225 ($300) to £915 ($1200) the one-of-a-kind dolls take up to 60 hours to complete with each fibre of hair meticulously placed, and each vein precisely drawn by hand.

Detailing her journey from niche creative hobbyist to professional artist to Travis Hoefle of The Wizard of Odd TV, Julia said: “I like to bring dead things back to life.

“What’s so confusing about my dolls is they look really evil or look as if they could hurt you, but they’re actually babies. They’re really cute.

“I’ve always had a thing for horror movies, so I wanted to take my version of what those things would look like in my head and put it on these dolls.

“All of my babies are one-of-a-kind – I never make an exact replica and I’m constantly creating new versions.”

Julia continued: “I really like adding pieces of bone and teeth – whether it be human or animal – into my dolls. I just love turning things that have died back into something beautiful again.

“Okie babies has changed my life, I now no longer work a 9-5 and can be around my family a lot more.”

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